How to Care Woolen Clothes?

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We often visit hill stations many times to enjoy the pleasant weather of winter. But amidst this fun, our jacket coats, stylish sweaters and stalls prove to be of great use to protect the body from cold. Because while they work to keep the body warm, they are also style statements. In such a situation, it is very important to take special care of these delicate and expensive woolen clothes so that they keep their shine and they look like new for years.

Tips to Care Woolen Clothes

Do not forget to adopt these tips to keep them like new for years:

  • Whenever you wash woolen clothes, then read the instructions written on them. Like if it’s written on a warm cloth – Only dry clean, so don’t make the mistake of hand-washing it.

  • After washing, instead of squeezing extra water from the woolen cloth, wrap it comfortably with a towel. This also dries the cloth quickly and there is no fear of loosening it.

  • Do not put perfume on woolen clothes, because of this there is a fear of worm in them.

  • To maintain the shape of woolen clothes during the journey and protect them from shrinking, fold the clothes lightly and wrap them in tissue paper.

  • Always use mild liquid detergent only, because the chances of their deterioration and color getting fed are less.

  • Always keep brushing woolen clothes with a brush. Due to this, dust does not get deposited on them and they look like new for a long time.

  • Keep neem leaves, phenyl tablets in the cupboards, boxes, whichever woolen cloth you keep, because their scent keeps insects away from clothes.

  • Avoid drying woolen clothes.

  • To increase the lifter’s age, keep it upside down.

  • Pressing completely dry woolen clothes does not remove their wrinkles and then there is fear of burning of fibers. Therefore, steam press them as well.

  • Never hang the swatter with a peg, but keep it in the right place by folding it, because there is a fear of pulling by hanging, due to which the size of his face can be changed.

  • Keep woolen clothes away from moisture in the place to avoid stench.

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