How to Charge Your Smartphone Fast..?

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Smartphone is the need of life today. Whether you use it all day at office or at home. In such a situation, it is natural to consume the battery, so you charge the phone, but what to do when the charging is slow. Actually there are some smart ways by which you can make the charging of your phone fast:

Update the phone:

The older the phone gets, the more the battery charging capacity is affected, while the new phone charges the battery faster. Therefore, even if the phone is old, keep updating it, it will not slow down the phone and the battery will also be better.

Choose branded adapter:

Never charge the phone with a non-branded or universal charger. Use only the adapter found with the accessories of the phone to charge the phone.

Choose the right power source:

A weak power source can damage your phone. Even if you charge from computer or do wireless charging, the phone will be very slow charged. So always charge the phone with a plug because a weak power source can damage your device.

Use Original Charger:

Universal charger may also be a reason for your phone to be slow. This claim is for charging all types of mobiles, but actually using those makes the device slow and can also damage the battery of the smartphone. Therefore it is important to always use the charger found with the phone.

Do not use services, turn them off:

Turn off services like Bluetooth, GPS and Wi-Fi for fast charging.

Check the quality of the battery:

It has been seen many times that phone manufacturers also sell you a bad battery with a Smartphone. Their quality is not good. So if the phone is getting slow, then change the battery of the phone. As the time increases, the charging time in the battery also increases because its performance becomes slow.

USB cable:

The phone is fast charged when its USB cable is compatible. Therefore check whether the phone’s USB cable is correct and always charge the phone with the cable that comes with the phone.

Background apps closed:

Many apps like Facebook and WhatsApp keep running in the background even while charging. This makes mobile charging slow. So whenever charging the phone, go to the apps option in Settings and close these apps.

Do not use the phone at the time of charging:

Do not use it whenever the phone is charging, because the use of the phone while charging makes the charging slow.

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