How to Control Anger? The Art of Controlling Anger is the Art of Patience

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Whether one is ‘She’ or ‘He’, everyone should control their anger. Because just like for the exception, there has not been a single person in the world who has never died. In the same way, until today, there has not been any woman or man on the earth who never gets angry in life. Yes, despite being bad, this quality of anger is there in everyone. Yet from psychologists to doctors the opinion is that it should be avoided at all times because

  • Anger reduces our performance by 70%.
  • According to a research study by Harvard Business School, due to an angry nature, the chances of promotion are reduced by 50%.
  • Anger makes our vocabulary very toxic. It makes all our strengths and achievements meaningless.
  • Anger also destroys the image of a matured person within minutes.
  • After some time, the ties which are considered strong for years, also break.
  • Getting angry at the slightest thing is our biggest weakness. Because of this, we lose ou effective personality.
  • The wisest study shows that anger not only reduces our morale but also our ability to make decisions.
  • Anger reduces our respect in the eyes of anyone.

How to control anger?

Here are the methods which can help you control your anger:

Simple anger is not a problem

If you are simply angry, it cannot be seen as a disease. God has given many emotions to man. It also includes laughing, playing, crying, being sad, afraid and angry. When something is wrong with us, we show our opposition by showing Anger. If something is wrong and then you get angry then there is nothing wrong in it. This is completely normal.

Identify the genetic cause

It is highly likely that there may be a genetic cause for anger. If your parents, grandparents or ancestors were very angry, then the quality of anger naturally comes in the children. In this way, it can be very difficult to overcome this problem. To solve this kind of problem, you have to work with patience.

Avoid tamarind food

People who consume food made of non-vegetarian, garlic, onion, ginger, and more spices are more likely to get angry because all these things increase the heat in the person’s body. In our country, you must have heard the saying, “As you eat, so you feel”. Those who are very angry should eat plain food without much oil. Such people should avoid milk too.

Exercise and do yoga

At least 45 minutes of exercise should be done every day. Doing yoga asanas like Surya Namaskar, Pranayama, Anulom Antonym, Kapalabharti are of great help. Going for a walk in the morning is also a great option. You can also do swimming to reduce your stress, which will help you a lot and will help anger.

Take deep and long breaths

Whenever you get very angry, you should take long and deep breaths immediately so that your brain gets maximum oxygen. Taking deep breaths is a very good habit that is right for our bodies. This calms us and the rest of the unnecessary things go away from us.

Go to a secluded place

Different people show their anger in different ways. Some people tear off their clothes, some pick up their phones and slam them on the ground. Some people break household articles and some people beat up members of the house. All these methods are negative. Many people leave immediately when they get angry and go somewhere in solitude and spend a few moments with them. Many people adopt this tactic. It is very effective.

Listen to music

Many people listen to their favorite song Music when they get angry. This method is called “music therapy”. This tip is also very good. This way you can easily control your anger. Psychiatrists also offer this type of counseling. The more the music gives you the more it calms your mind, which gives you a great feeling and you get refreshed again.

Go for a walk

When angry, one should go for a walk outside the house, office or that place. Going to a friend’s house or talking to him by phone is also a good option. Some people go to see the film. In this way, you can reduce your anger by focusing your mind on something else. This tip is also very good.

Get 6 to 8 hours of sleep

Anger comes only when the tension increases too much. Anger is directly related to stress. So get full sleep. Getting enough sleep makes your health better. Due to less sleep, you make yourself feel weak, but when you sleep deeply, then you feel fresh, which increases your productivity.

Contact a psychiatrist

If you feel that you get angry more than the normal limit then it can be a serious mental illness. Anger is very high due to the deteriorating balance of the ratio of chemicals in the brain. In such a situation you should see a psychiatrist immediately. Eat the medicines given on their advice daily.

Stop the use of drugs

Consumption of alcohol, smoking, and other drugs should be stopped immediately. All these things stimulate the brain. If you have been having any confusion or problem in your mind for a long time, then you can lighten your mind by telling your friends, relatives, and other people.

Here are few facts about anger:

  • According to the American Physiological Association, “Anger is an expression of adversity.”

  • According to Jerome Kagan, a professor of psychology at Harvard, every person has a natural nature.

  • Anger is the name of many types of medical problems such as social anxiety, phobia, obsessive-compulsive, post-traumatic stress and, above all, anxiety disorder.

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