How to Control Type 2 Diabetes by Olive leaves?

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Type-2 diabetes is a type of diabetes that we would not have acquired through hereditary or genetic. Rather, we get caught in it due to following our wrong eating habits and wrong lifestyle. Those who want to stay away from this disease for a lifetime; they can adopt these methods after consulting a health expert.

Olive oil is very important for our health and beauty, we all know this. Every person who is updated about his diet and looks knows how the olive oil gives our body the necessary nutrients and fatty acids. So that we remain healthy as well as fit. Olive oil is also full of fiber content. So it also works to keep our metabolism fine. Surprisingly you will know that as much as the fruit of the olive tree is for us, equally important are the leaves of the olive tree for us.

Olive Leaves are full of nutrition

Olive oil leaves are rich in nutrition. The leaves of this tree, rich in antioxidants, nutrients, and fibers, can play an important role in treating type-2 diabetes. Because they have antimicrobial, antihypertensive, and anti-inflammatory properties. That is, by taking these leaves in the right way and under the supervision of an expert, we can help our body to eliminate germs, regulate the problems related to high blood pressure and prevent any kind of inflammation or blood problems from growing in the body.

Doctors say that in patients with type-2 diabetes, the level of insulin is usually higher than that of normal people. At the same time, the level of sugar in blood sometimes becomes very high. Olive leaves work to control this condition. Health experts say that you can use them by collecting the olive leaves which have grown completely and have come in their full size. Olive leaves are very helpful not only to control diabetes type-2 but also to control dangerous diseases like blood pressure and cancer.

How to use olive leaves?

Now the question is definitely coming in your mind that the benefits are fine but how to use olive leaves? So let us tell you that for this you have to take fresh leaves of olive which have come in clean and full size. After this, you wash these leaves and spread them on a cotton cloth and cover a clean cloth on top.

Now you have to dry these leaves in a place where the sunlight does not fall directly on them, rather dry them with the heat of the sun. Direct and strong sunlight reduces their properties during the drying of most medicines. When these leaves are dry, mash them by hand and use them like green tea leaves.

If you wish, grind these dried leaves and make a fine powder of them and you can take this powder with water after the advice of Vaidya or you can boil it in hot water and make its decoction. They work to reduce the level of glucose in the body.

Olive leaves also have inflammatory properties. Which dissolve the excess fat stored in the body. Due to this, the level of cholesterol in the body remains correct. This reduces the risk of heart stroke and heart attack.

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