How to Control Your Kid’s Smartphone Addiction..?

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There was a time when we had to take the time to go to the telephone booth to talk to our relatives and family members from other cities. Like today, it was not easy to talk because the network was often interrupted. After this, the landline facility was gradually available in many houses. But for the last 15-20 years, mobile phones have created a special place in our life and now we find it very difficult to talk about standing in one place on the landline. We all like to use mobile phones on the go.

Nowadays we are all so busy, that even for our children, we are unable to manage enough time. In such a situation we sometimes give expensive gifts to the children due to stubbornness and sometimes just to make them happy. There is no harm in the use of mobile phones, but due to the convenience of moving it anywhere, often children, teens, and sometimes even adults become victims of mobile phone addiction. The habit of talking to friends all the time on mobile phones is a problem, but getting addicted to games and apps available on mobile phones is the biggest problem. Children on mobile phones waste a lot of their time and their education.

Pay Attention to Your Child


1. In such a situation, it is natural for parents to be worried about their future. If you are also a parent, then it is very important for you, that you protect your children from mobile addiction. Let’s go, what steps should you take to get rid of this addiction of children.

Apart from this, due to continuous sticking with mobile phones, children also get physical diseases like headaches, loss of appetite, reduced light of eyes and pain in eyes, neck pain, etc. Before your children suffer from such problems, you should be careful. Children need the love and care of their parents the most. If you spend more and more time with your child, then the child will automatically stop sticking to the mobile phone.

2. Attract children to nature and encourage them for outdoor games. Give them tasks that develop their creative potential.

3. Children have many hobbies. You can get them to join hobby classes like painting, dance, music.

4. If you feel right, then take cooperation in domestic work according to the ability of the children. By this, children will also become self-sufficient and instead of spending free time on mobile, they will be able to get some practical knowledge.

What Psychologists Say?

Psychologists say that parents should spend quality time with children carrying mobile phones. Children should be kept away from gadgets. At least one meal should be eaten with your children. One can also take the help of digital detox to remove the addiction of mobiles and gadgets, that is, leave from mobile and internet for a few days.

One of the major advantages of digital detox is that you enjoy all the holidays in the real world, not in the mobile world. To remove mobile addiction, removing non-essential notifications from it is also a better solution. And the best thing is to spend more time with family in conversation and sports.

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