How to Ease Baby’s Pain After Vaccination?

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After applying the vaccine, the Baby gets pain due to which they keep crying for many hours. With the help of some methods, the you can reduce the pain after vaccination.

It is necessary to have some special vaccine up for your Baby. Pain is normal after applying the vaccine and this pain hurts the infant as well as the mother. If you adopt a few simple tips after vaccination, you can reduce the pain of the baby after vaccine.

Below are some tips to reduce your baby is pain after Vaccination?

Give a Quiet Atmosphere

Infants cry a lot after applying the vaccine and this can cause fatigue and irritability. After applying the vaccine, keep the Baby in a comfortable, normal temperature and cool room. Dress her/him loose and comfortable.

Also, keep the baby in your lap during and after the vaccine. The Baby may feel comfortable with your skin contact.

Try effective ways

A simple study has shown that some simple methods are helpful in reducing pain after vaccination. This includes swaddling (wrapping), lying on the side or abdomen, staying calm, swinging and feeding.

In order to reduce the pain after the vaccination, divert the Baby’s attention. Try to keep it entangled in books, toys or a game.

Mother’s Milk

Mother’s milk is believed to have pain relieving properties. Breastfeeding during and after vaccination is beneficial for the baby.

Give Plenty of Fluids

If the infant is not 6 months old, feed him immediately after vaccination, but if the Baby has started taking solid food, give him only fluids and feed him less for the first 24 hours. In such a situation, you can give puree, soup and mash food to the Baby. Whatever food the baby likes.

Pain relieving cream

You can also use a pain-relieving cream to reduce the pain after applying the vaccine. They begin to show effect in about an hour. However, do not use any medicine or cream without consulting your doctor.

Cold Compress

Hot compress also provides a lot of relief in reducing pain. You can do cold compress on the painful part. This makes the affected area numb and the baby does not feel pain. However, keep in mind that babies are not able to tolerate more coldness, so do not apply ice packs on the skin for too long and cold compresses.

Redness, swelling and pain occur on the skin after applying the vaccine. Fever can occur within 24 hours of vaccination, which can last for one or two days. You do not need to panic about it. This type of effect comes only after the vaccine can be applied.

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