How to Eat Egg for Perfect Weight Lose Diet?

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Egg very healthy so people include it in their weight loss diet. But how should it be cooked and cooked so that it can lose weight, learn here..

If you want to lose weight, then cook and eat eggs in this way, you will burn without effort Calorie Having high protein in the diet is considered very important for weight loss. This is why health freaks consider it more right to consume eggs. Studies have found that if you take eggs in your breakfast, they are very helpful in weight loss. Eggs can be eaten in any form. Many people eat it by boiling and many people consume it by making omelette. But do you know how to cook eggs to lose weight? If not, know here …

Cook eggs in coconut oil

Eggs can be cooked in many different ways. Many people prefer oil or butter to cook it but one thing that can prove to be helpful in reducing your weight fast is coconut oil. Coconut oil makes eggs tasty and healthy without increasing calories. The good fat in it increases your metabolism by 5% (which is a big difference).

Include lots of vegetables

Include lots of vegetables to make the egg recipe even more delicious, use lots of green vegetables in it. As vegetables, you can add carrots, spinach, mushrooms or broccoli etc. This will also fill your stomach and will provide a lot of nutrition.

Eat eggs mixed with oats

Most people cook oats and eggs separately and eat them as breakfast. But if you want to mix the two together, it can be made healthier and more nutritious. Oats contain a good amount of fiber and starch which is digested after a long time. It also works to increase metabolism in calorie burning.

Do not boil and eat eggs like this

Poached or boiled eggs are considered best for weight loss, as only steam is used to cook them. However, eating poached eggs is considered healthier than eating boiled eggs. This is because many of the heat-sensitive nutrients are found in the egg yolk, which gets distorted due to boiling. These nutrients contain choline which works to reduce abdominal fat.

Never overcook eggs because they destroy their nutrients. Research has found that cooking the eggs in very hot temperatures reduces the nutrition present in it by 20%.

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