How to Gain Weight Safely: Follow this Special Diet Plan

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Don’t you feel like eating or drinking too? Are you also worried about the thin waist? People suffering from thinness are often worried about weight. Losing weight is easy again but gaining weight is no less than a task. However, if the right diet plan is followed, then gaining weight is not such a difficult task. Here we will tell you a diet plan by following which you can gain weight in a month.

Exercise is Also Necessary

Along with diet, exercise is also necessary to gain weight. Exercise daily for at least 1 hour. Apart from this, you can also do yoga. Also, keep doing physical activity during the day as well.

Diet Plan for Weight Gain

Eat 2 teaspoons of desi ghee, a little turmeric, and black pepper mixed every morning on an empty stomach. Ghee is rich in calories, which helps in weight control and digestion. It also provides relief from joint pain.


After this, drink a smoothie, banana shake, or 1 glass of milk for breakfast. With this, eat 4 eggs, 2 bananas or 5 chapatis and mixed vegetables. Have fresh fruits, nuts, and seeds and 1 glass of buttermilk 1 hour after breakfast and one and a half hours before lunch.


In lunch, eat 2 vegetables, a bowl, and 3 Rotis. Apart from this, you can also take granola, meats, tofu, fish avocado, milk, beans, and sweet potato. In the evening take 2 boiled eggs, fried paneer, and a protein shake. Eat more multi-grain flour, in which you have mixed wheat, soybean, gram, joe flour.


For dinner, eat light but healthy food like khichdi, uttapam, sambhar and coconut chutney, 2 boiled eggs. Drink turmeric milk 1 hour before sleeping. Due to this digestion will also be correct and weight will also increase.

Eat a High Protein Diet for Weight Gain

High protein diet can prove to be very helpful in gaining weight. For this, you should eat soy milk, cheese, milk-curd, cucumber, tofu, fish, meat, chicken, eggs, tomato, carrot, capsicum, coriander, etc. in the diet.

Eat 5-6 Time in a Day

To gain weight, instead of eating a full stomach in one go, eat 5-6 times a day in small amounts. Also, eat things rich in calories. This will lead to rapid weight gain. Apart from this, follow the right routine daily and take a balanced diet.

Some Ayurvedic Tips for Weight Gain

. Eating walnuts mixed with honey will help in increasing weight.

. Take 1-1 spoon of Shatavari, Ashwagandha mixed with milk every morning and evening.

. Mix 1 banana, 10 dates, almonds, walnuts in milk and drink it after making a shake.

. Make sesame chutney with milk and carrots and eat it. Due to this, the body will get protein and weight will also increase.

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