How to Give Perfect Shape to Nails?

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Nails are such a part of the hands that can be seen even while talking to someone, doing some work, shaking hands or sitting empty. If your hands look elegant and beautiful, then the people you meet will surely be impressed by you. So it is very important that the way you take care of your clothes, makeup and fashion accessories, make your nails attractive as well.

How to choose the right shape

The shape of your nails depends on the size of your hands and fingers. Before shaping the nails, choose the shape of your choice and type. Although there are many types of nail shapes, but only a few are highly popular. Among these, round, oval, square, and caffeine are the main ones.

Here are ways to carry different nail shapes:

  • Round: This is the easiest shape, which is very easy to maintain. For women who are unable to pay much attention to their nails in the middle of work at home and for whom it is difficult to walk around the parlor, this is a shape for them. It is in the rounding from the front and for this the nails are not too long. This shape is suitable for women with long fingers and short nails.

  • Square: In this, the nails are given a square shape from the front. This shape is easy to achieve and there is no need to keep too long nails in it. This can be called comfortable shape. Women with long fingers can give their hands an elegant look with this shape.

  • Oval: This shape has been going on for years. It can be called basic shape. The roundness of this is oval from the front. For this shape, the nail foiler has to be rotated in the natural shape of the nails. This shape is suitable for all types of nails. It gives thick fingers to thin and thin fingers to wide shapes.

  • Amand: In this shape, the nails are edgy and light, and their tip is rounded. It is not for women with short nails. Women of clove nails can easily adopt it. Nowadays acrylic nails are also available in the market so that women with short nails can get this shape.

  • Coffin – This shape is also called ballerina shape, because its look is similar to both ballerina and coffin. It is difficult to maintain this shape. Women doing domestic work may face problems with this shape. This shape is not for those whose nails are thin and delicate, because they can break and crack quickly by handling this shape.

Give shape like this

  • Wash and dry hands thoroughly before shaping your nails. Nails should not be wet and damp, otherwise, there will be a problem in shaping them.

  • There are many types of foilers available in the market, out of which you can choose the emery board. Note that for natural nails, choose a nail boiler between 300-600 grids.

  • Always start grinding the nails in one direction. Nails will begin to be cut after driving the foiler like this and they will break.

  • Foil the nails from side to center i.e. from outside to inside. Keep raising your hands with every movement, do not wear them continuously.

  • Hold the foiler upright at the tip of the nail, not bending over. By bending or holding on the angle, the nails will become thin and the shape will not appear.

  • To give shape, run the boiler according to the shape.

  • Do not drive the nail foiler fast. Due to this, shape can also get worse and nails can also be damaged.

After shaping remove the extra nail shading.

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