How to Identify Pregnancy at Home Without Kit?

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Symptoms of pregnancy are seen differently in every woman. If you are trying for pregnancy, then there are some symptoms that you can guess whether you are pregnant or not.

Pregnancy Test: Whether you are pregnant or not, becoming such identity without a test is a dream of every woman’s life. When there is a possibility of pregnancy, some women go to some hospitals and get pregnancy tests done at home. But before you do a pregnancy test, you can know that you are pregnant.

Many symptoms are seen in a woman’s body after pregnancy, usually from menstruation, breast tenderness, and dry skin. But only one of these symptoms is common in every woman and that is to stop period. While other symptoms of pregnancy appear different in every woman. Let’s know about some of the main symptoms of pregnancy.

Missed Periods

Menstruation can usually stop due to sudden weight loss or increase, regular contraceptive use, stress, and other reasons. But if your period stops for 7 to 10 days then it can be a sign of pregnancy.

Nausea and vomiting

Some women have nausea and morning sickness in the third week of pregnancy. During this time the smell and taste cause vomiting and there is no feeling of eating anything. This happens due to increased levels of hormones in the body, which is a symptom of pregnancy.


One or two weeks after the last period, a few drops of vaginal bleeding are called implantation bleeding. Spotting usually occurs when the fetus is implanted in the uterus, which is a key symptom of pregnancy.

Frequent urination

Due to hormonal changes in the body, blood flow and water retention increase due to which more urine is felt than normal. In addition, the uterus also pressurizes the bladder, causing frequent urination.

Constipation and bloating

The symptoms of flatulence, bloating, constipation, and gas are seen due to increased levels of progesterone in the pregnant woman’s body. During this, there is no desire to eat food. Stomach gas and bloating are also symptoms of pregnancy.

Fatigue and sleeplessness

Due to increased levels of progesterone in a woman’s body, besides nausea and frequent urination, there are problems of fatigue and insomnia. Although the woman feels quite energetic in the second trimester of pregnancy, the third trimester again experiences fatigue and insomnia.

These physical symptoms can be easily identified whether you are pregnant or not.

However, these symptoms do not confirm pregnancy, so you must go to the doctor.


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