How to Keep WhatsApp Chat Messages Safe in Android and iPhone?

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Instant messaging app WhatsApp comes with many great features. These wonderful features, along with improving the chatting experience, maintain the data privacy of the users. WhatsApp chat is very private and users always want to keep it secure. Because of the phone being left unlocked, anyone other than you can see the WhatsApp message. That is why here we are telling you about easy tricks so that you can improve the privacy of your WhatsApp chat.


Trick for Android users

For the privacy of Android users, WhatsApp recently rolled out the Unlock with Fingerprint feature. WhatsApp chats can be easily secured through this feature. The fingerprint lock feature works via the smartphone’s fingerprint scanner. To activate this feature, you can follow these steps.

– First update WhatsApp with latest version.

– Go to the privacy option given in the settings.

– Scrolling down will get ‘Unlock with fingerprint’ option in the last.

– Toggle on the feature to activate the feature.


Trick For iphone Users

For iPhones, WhatsApp launched it as the screen lock feature. You can turn it on by going to the Settings menu of iPhone. Its working method is the same as unlock with the fingerprint. After activating it, WhatsApp chats can be made secure. After the feature is activated, WhatsApp will open only after recognizing the registered face on the Face ID. Please tell that it is necessary to enable the Face ID feature in iPhone to activate the screen lock. This feature does not work only with the device’s passcode.


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