How to Make Kajal at Home with Almonds?

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Make Kajal with almonds like this at home to make the eyes of children

Applying kajal is believed to intensify the eyesight and also relieve eye pain. Kajal found in the market may contain a chemical which may prove harmful to the child’s eyes. In such a situation, you can make kajal at home with the help of almonds.

Method of making Kajal for children by Almonds

To make Kajal at home for children, you will need two almonds, ghee, lamp, a fork, wick and a spoon. If you want to keep more quantity of kajal then you can take more almonds. Now let us know what the recipe for making kajal is.

Method of making almonds from almonds

  • Follow the following ways to make Kajal at home:

  • Take a Lamp(Diya) first and add ghee to it.

  • Now put a wick in this lamp and burn it.

  • Then put almonds in the fork and place it on a burning wick.

  • Place a spoon over the almonds to cover the almonds.

  • Light the almonds with a wick.

  • As the almond burns, kajal will start to form on the spoon.

How to make almond kajal?

  • When an almond is completely burnt, remove it.

  • Now put the second almond in the fork and burn it as before.

  • You will see that kajal has arrived on the spoon.

  • Remove the Kajal from the spoon and store it in the container.

  • You can apply this kajal to your child every day.

  • Not only children but adults can also apply this kajal.

Benefits of applying almond-made Kajal

Applying almond-made Kajal increases the growth of eyelids and brightens the eyes.

Applying kajal provides coolness to the eyes of the children, which allows the child to sleep comfortably. In India, it is recommended to use kajal to protect children from evil eyes. Kajal is applied to the child’s forehead, cheeks and soles to protect them from evil eyes.

How to apply Kajal to baby’s eyes ?

hildren can apply Kajal in their eyes after bathing. Children often cry while applying kajal and make the eyes twitch. So you have to be careful while applying kajal.

In this way, you can apply almond kajal made in your child’s eyes at home. Keep in mind that homemade mascara is safe for the child.

It is believed that a child’s eyes are sharp, big, and long by applying kajal, but there is no scientific evidence for this.

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