How to Make Your Lipstick Last Through Kissing, Eating and Drinking?

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If there is no lipstick on the face, then it look something missing on the face, this is a product without makeup of women is incomplete. But sometimes we make some mistakes by applying lipstick, which spoils our entire look.

If your lipstick spreads, apply it in these ways when you apply lipstick. Even after using lipstick of a good brand, they start spreading to the corners of the lips while kissing, eating, and drinking etc. Which has to be given touchups repeatedly. Today we will tell you how to apply lipstick if your lipstick spreads repeatedly.

Prepare lips for lipstick

The first step to apply lipstick is to prepare the lips for lipstick. Now you must be thinking how, if you are fond of applying lipstick for the first time then you will have to exfoliate your lips first. Yes, if your lips are dry and tattered then applying lipstick on them will not work at all. For this, first of all scrub your lips with the help of sugar. After this, after five minutes clean your lips and apply lip balm on it. You can also apply lip primer if you want. This will make your lipstick last longer.

Base to apply lipstick

If you also want your lipstick to stay from morning to evening, then do not forget to apply base for it. By doing this you will have two benefits, one will also remove the blackness of the lips and the finishing of lipstick will also be amazing. For the base, with the help of your fingers or a flat brush, tap the lips and apply concealer on it. Also, keep in mind that the shade of the concealer matches the skin of the lips. Then complete the base by applying a little compact powder to the last.

Use Lip Liner

Lip liner works to highlight lips. If you have properly applied lip liner, then your lipstick will look perfect and will not even spread. For this you have to do so that you roll the lip liner pencil on the lips boundary, making your upper lip a V shape. Try not to make the pencil too sharp, it may cause problems in shaping on the lips. Make sure that the lip liner matches the color of the lipstick.

Apply lipstick now

After doing so many things, now you are completely ready to apply lipstick. Yes, do not apply lipstick directly and start applying it on the lips with the help of a brush. Start with the V shape of the upper lips as if you had applied the lip liner, then apply it gently on the lips. Apply a light coat first and then give the lipstick finishing with the help of the next coat. In the middle of all this, keep in mind that all the corners of the lips are covered well.

Do this for finishing touch

After applying the lipstick, if you see the lipstick spreading from somewhere, then clean the lipstick with the help of a cotton earbud. You can also apply concealer around the lips with the help of a flat brush to give a better shape to the lips. But keep in mind that dark colors make your lips look thinner. Always apply light color lipstick or lip gloss to thin lips. But do not apply lip gloss too much. At the same time, you are a dark complexion, then avoid light colors. Otherwise it will suppress your complexion.

This will also be beneficial

Do not use lip gloss repeatedly to get a glamorous look. It will spread your lipstick after some time. Use gloss only when needed. For this, you start applying it from the center of the lips and smudge all over the lips. Also, after applying lipstick, always ready yourself with the help of a tissue paper. When you drink tea and water from it, there will be no lipstick stain on the glass or cup. Apart from this, putting tissue paper on the lips after applying it, applying light powder with a brush on it will also be very beneficial.

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