How to Reduce Screen Time of Children in Covid-19 Time?

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After the corona pandemic, the education of children has been affected the most. Due to Covid, children have to study online and they have to spend more time on the screen. At the same time, in lockdown, children have started using electronic devices like TV, computer, tablet, and mobile more. According to research, screen time is spoiling the mind and body of children.

Children’s screen time increased in epidemic

The opinions of parents, physicians, and researchers during a pandemic can be both comforting and confusing. Some believe that screen time or technology can be good for children, while some consider it bad for health. However, it depends on how, when, and for how long the child is using the screen. Parents and researchers acknowledge that it’s not always clear what a “healthy balance” is for screened children.

The screen can also benefit

The researcher says that sometimes digital media or technology encourages young children to be creative and engaged in activities, such as going hunting or dressing up with onscreen cues, etc. Of course, more passive activities like watching videos aren’t all bad.

Excessive Screen time may affect the eyes

According to research, 19% of children had vision problems in children during the epidemic. Excessive use of electronic gadgets, quick switching of screens from one to another is affecting the eyes of children. Not only this, but children may also have to face mental problems due to this.

Children need to be supervised

Yes, if you don’t pay attention to what kids do online then they can find some bad corners of the internet. Parents need not worry if their children are carefully venturing into the digital world.

How to manage a child’s screen time?

. If children are studying for online classes, then ask them to keep a proper distance.

. Schedule time to use electronic gadgets like TV-Computer.

. Ask the children to sprinkle water occasionally on Eyes.

. Get inspired for outdoor games.

. At bedtime, instead of mobile, ask to read books or tell a story.

. Include healthy things in their diet, so that their eyesight increases and they remain mentally healthy too.

. Monitor children’s internet activity.

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