How to Start Small Business with Low Investment?

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Friends, if you want to start a business while living in your local area, then today we will tell you about some ideas that you can start around your home. Because these are very small business ideas, you will not need much capital. So friends, here you will get to know which business you can start in your local area.

Flour Mill and Halar Business

To do this business, you will need about 30 to 50 square feet of space. The total cost of machines for this can be anywhere from 50 thousand to 80 thousand. This is the best business to be done in Business Street and intersections and rural areas. And in rural areas, the demand for this type of business remains constant, because flour and rice are required by almost all the classes. There will always be some flour milling or paddy harvesting.

Grocery Store Business

This business can also be done easily anywhere, just the place where the grocery store is open, it is necessary to have enough habitation because this ration is a water work and you can sell ration where people live. By the way, this business is very common and competition is very high, in this business, if you understand the need of customers then you can. It is very difficult to tell the total cost in this business because it can be started at many levels.

Dry Cleaners

The business of dry cleaners is also in trend, often people give their clothes to dry cleaners, besides some special clothes which are very difficult to wash, and they need to be washed by dry cleaners. , The business of dry cleaners is in trend because this type of business does not have more than one or two in an area. In the era of growing fashion, they get so much work of washing clothes.

Restaurants and Dhabas

It is considered one of the most successful businesses in the world. It is also very easy to start this business, for this you will need a master chef, the rest of the restaurant can be run with the help of one or two helpers. However, if done on a large scale, a lot of employees may have to be hired for this. To start this business, at least you will need 50 thousand to 1 lakh rupees.

Vegetable and Fruit Shop

If you are thinking of starting a retail business and you live in such a city or community where you can easily reach fresh vegetables and fruits, then you should consider opening a vegetable and fruit mart. This is a really simple business, which requires little start-up capital and does not require any special skills to run this type of business and it is important to say that if you are looking for your shop when stocked with varieties of fruits and vegetables, you can easily attract customers. However, you must have good business acumen.

Open a Bookshop

Whether you can open a book store or a stationery shop in your city. It is a shop where books of different authors and different genres are sold. You can also sell stationery items with it. You can also be a part of any online bookselling franchise.

Auto Repair Business or Sale of Auto Spare Parts (Auto Repair Parts)

The auto repair business is a business related to auto services, which is highly profitable. An entrepreneur can successfully start this in a small town. All over the world, car repair is a business that can never stop and the demand for auto spare parts in the market is also high. For this, you do not need a college degree to set up your own auto spare parts store, but you will need informal training. You may have to work as a trainee with someone who owns an auto spare parts store.

Start an Adult Education Center

Men and women, who cannot study informal schools for any reason, therefore cannot read and write. So you can open an adult education school for them. If you want to give a recognized certificate/diploma in your adult education center, then you should apply for certification and license from the board of education in your country.

Fish Farming Business

Fish farming business is also a suitable business for small cities because fish is eaten in all parts of the world, so this business will always give profits. The supply of protein from fish also makes the fish farming business profitable. Earlier people found it easy to raise catfish only, but now tilapias, trout, and salmon can be reared in comfort, for this you just need to arrange a place, tank or pond and fish feed. Apart from this, poultry business is also good business for the small town, as a supply of eggs and chickens is also a major source of revenue generation for poultry farmers.

Home Painting Business

The home painting business is also a good business that can be started in a small town. This requires very little capital. You can successfully run it alone or with one or more employees, though you will have to undergo training as a painter before successfully launching this type of business.

Start a computer and smartphone repair business

Computer repair business is also good business, in which the business of repairing all parts of the laptop, desktop, and computer can be done. To start this business, all you need to do is to acquire computer repair skills, buy the necessary equipment for repair and then start this business by renting a shop in a good place. With this, the business of Smartphone and tablet repair can also be started. For this to some technical training will have to be taken.

The business of Frozen Food Mart (Retailing of Frozen Food Mart)

Like in big cities, the demand for frozen food ingredients is increasing in small towns. So you can start a Frozen Food Mart. Fish, poultry, fruits and vegetables, seafood, and many more can be sold at the Frozen Food Mart. Although starting this business is a bit expensive, but if the right place and all facilities are available, then this business can prove to be quite profitable.

So, friends, these were some business ideas that you can do very easily in the areas around your house. And for this type of business, you do not have to try hard.

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