How to Take Care of a New Mom..?

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While the mother is fully taken care of during pregnancy, on the other hand, as soon as the baby is born, all the attention of the family is shifted from mother to child. Everyone takes care of a newborn child. But the new mother also needs care.

It is usually seen in most Indian homes that when a woman is about to become a mother, all the people of the house take full care of her. Everything is taken care of by the regular health checkup, from the food of the pregnant woman to her walk, and all this is done so that the baby growing in the womb is healthy, avoiding diseases. But as soon as the baby is born, after delivery, all the attention of the householders shifts from mother to child. Everyone takes care of a newborn child. From protecting the child from infection, all his needs are taken care of and the new mother is overlooked here.


New mother also needs special care

The newborn only drinks mother’s milk for the next 6 months, so the mother not only takes care of the baby’s food and nutrition but she also has to make changes in her routine according to the time the baby is asleep and awake. Due to this the new mother is unable to sleep and most of the new mothers often suffer from postpartum depression. In such a situation, not only the newborn child but also the new mother also needs care and special care.

Ask before visiting

If you are thinking of going to meet the new baby and new mom, then it is better that you call or message them in advance or tell them what time you are coming. It is possible that the child is sleeping when you reach home, and the child’s sleep will be heard by hearing the doorbell. So ask the new mother whether you need to play doorbell or not. According to the schedule of the child and mother, visit them at their home and do not go without telling them.

Don’t go empty handed

When you are going to meet New Mom and New Born Baby and call and ask them about the visit, and then only ask them that they do not need anything that you can take with you when you come to meet them. Huh. Anything they need right now. Apart from this, for the new mother, newborn baby and their family, they can take some food and other things for the child. If you want, you can make and take anything you like from the new mother.

Help with household chores

If you are a good friend or relative of New Mom or you have fine tuning with them, then you can also help New Mom in doing some household tasks. Like- helping in cooking, taking care of the child for some time so that the mother can rest, folds the washed clothes in their place, etc. But you have to take the initiative to do this kind of work yourself, because if you ask, then obviously new mom will refuse.

Take for therapy if needed

New mothers become overly exhausted to take care of the child, are distracted and upset about all kinds of work of the child, and often New Moms suffer from depression and anxiety in the postpartum period after the birth of the child. In such a situation, if you also know any new mom who is going through this phase, then help them to take them for therapy. Experienced therapists help new mothers.

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