How to Take Care of Leather Shoes & Slippers?

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Leather shoes have been in use for centuries. The complete look of any dress comes only when the appropriate footwear is worn with the dress. Leather shoes and leather footwear have always played their part in enhancing the personality.

Leather footwear has its effect only when it is properly taken care of. Be polished, shape correct and not torn. Leather shoes are expensive. Wearing these shoes reflects the standard. Therefore it is important to take special care of them.

leather shoes

Where and how to keep shoes

  • Shoe slippers should be kept in such a place where it is away from dust, moisture, and direct sunlight. Shoe Rack should have doors so that footwear is protected from dust. New party wear and daily wear shoe slippers should be kept separate. Put silica gel pouches in the shoes.

  • The box that you bring home with the new footwear is also very suitable for keeping them. It also protects from dusty soil and prevents the shape from deteriorating. Shoes also get air so that it does not cause fungus etc.

  • If the shoes are kept on open wooden rakes, then cloth or paper should be covered over them. So that the moisture and dust do not deteriorate from the soil.

  • If you have come from outside, do not remove shoes and keep them inside the wardrobe or shoe rack immediately. Because this does not dry out the moisture inside. This can damage the shoes. Open the laces and take out the shoes.

  • Leave them outside for about an hour for the same way and allow them to dry, then keep them in a rake so that moisture gets released from inside the shoes. The insole kept inside the shoe must be changed. Not changing the insole can damage the shoes inside.

Shoe shape

  • Shoe look deteriorates due to poor shoe shape. Therefore it is important to protect the shape from deterioration. Shoe trees prevent the shape of shoes from deteriorating due to their shape like toes.

  • Also, they absorb the moisture present in the shoes. If there is no Shoe tree, then the old newspaper should be filled by pressing in the shoes, this also protects the shape from spoilage and also removes moisture.

shoe tree


The first requirement of a leather shoe is its polish, which should be of perfect quality and should be made in time. Polish should be done two or three times a week.

By polishing on leather shoes, they remain like new. Before polishing, the shoes should be wiped with a clean cloth so that the dust should be removed only after the soil is removed.

To polish, one should always use wax-based polish and not liquid-based. Liquid-based polish reduces the look of leather shoes and also damages the shoes. Other things related to the polish of leather shoes, belly or slippers:

  • Before polishing on leather footwear, apply lemon juice with cotton and dry it and then polish it. Polishing in this way gives more shine to the shoes.

  • After applying the vinegar with the help of cotton, after a while, the footwear starts to shine.

  • The footwear of young children soon deteriorates and becomes old. In this case, grind the grated raw potato on the footwear. Polish after drying. Footwear will be back like new.

  • Clean the shoe slippers and pour some baby oil and polish the shoes later, it will remain soft and shiny. Baby oil works as a shoe conditioner away.

  • Grind the white portion of the banana peel on the shoe. After drying, clean it thoroughly by rubbing it with a cloth. Shoes will shine.

  • Wearing disposable gloves in Polish will not make your hands dirty.

Leather Shoes during Rainy season

  • Water and moisture cause great damage to leather shoes. Therefore, during the rainy season special care should be taken of leather footwear.

  • Do not wear expensive leather footwear this season. Or at least not wearing it when going to places where mud or water has to be walked on.

  • However, if the footwear gets wet, clean it immediately with the help of soil, etc. brush when coming home. After this, wipe with the help of tissue paper or newspaper and keep the fan to dry in air.

  • Hairdryer or heater etc. should not be used. This can cause cracks or crack in the footwear. In the rainy season, applying a little wax and flak seed oil on the shoes.


  • Must wear socks with shoes. This keeps the grip correct and does not cause trouble in walking. Apart from this, the right type of socks is necessary for your feet but it is also necessary for shoes.

  • For this, cotton socks should be used which absorb sweat. This prevents infection in the feet and shoes. Feet do not smell and shoes do not spoil quickly.

Shoe Laces

Shoelaces in shoes are not just for design, but for the convenience of wearing and removing shoes. Still, some people take off and wear shoes without opening their shoes. But this causes the shoes to deteriorate very quickly and cut off. So, while wearing and removing it, definitely open the shoe. This also allows air to be properly applied to the shoes and low humidity.

What to do if new shoes hurt

Wearing a new shoe or belly sometimes causes blister which hurts. For this, wear a cotton swab in glycerin or Vaseline on the blister

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