How to Transfer Data from Old Phone to New Phone?

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As much as the excitement feels when buying a new phone, there is as much tension when it comes to transferring data from the old phone to the new phone. By the way, there are some simple tricks, with the help of which you can switch the data of the old phone to a new phone without any hassle:

Contacts Transfer

The easy way to transfer contacts is to keep all the contacts in sync with your Google account. Whenever you access the new phone, all the contacts synced to the Google account will be easily transferred to the new phone, but if the contacts are not synced with the Google account then you can transfer them through the SIM card, but only 250 in the SIM Contacts can be saved, so transfers will be the same. For this, open the phone’s contact app> Click on menu> manage> import / export. Some phones also have the option of import/export directly.

In the pop window here, select export to sim card, and then your contacts will be transferred from the phone to the sim card. Now insert the SIM card into the phone.

Memory Card

You can also transfer your media files, audio, and video to a new phone through memory card.

Text Message Transfer

You will still be able to transfer contacts, but what will you do when it comes to text messages. Don’t worry, there is also a solution. For this, you can use a free SMS backup and restore the app. In our previous article, we also suggested some such apps. With these apps, you will not only be able to backup text but also enable/disable backup schedule, password protection, and MMS messages.

WhatsApp chat

If your WhatsApp data is saved on the external micro SD card in the old Android smartphone, remove it and insert it in the new phone, but if the WhatsApp data is saved on the internal SD card or internal memory, then the SD card or WhatsApp folder is the same as the new phone from the old phone. Transfer to the folder. If you do not know anything about the SD card, then check the specifications of your phone for this. Also keep in mind that during the transfer, transfer all the data or all the files and also do not check that the transfer has taken place. Install WhatsApp on the new phone with the same number.

After transferring the backup of WhatsApp, install WhatsApp on your new phone, but remember that WhatsApp’s phone number on the new smartphone should be the same old one as it was on your old device. When doing the installation, WhatsApp will automatically do a backup search and ask you to restore it. Now click on the restore and save the message history, as soon as the restore completes, your old WhatsApp chat will start appearing on the new smartphone.

Photos and Videos

To move photos and videos, we suggest that you first copy everything from your phone to the computer and then insert it into a new phone. If you do not have the option to put on the phone, try one of these methods:

To transfer photos and videos, you can copy them to a computer and then transfer to a new phone. If you want, you can also do this through a memory card. You can copy your photos and videos from internal storage to micro SD card and use the ES Explorer app for this. The specialty of this app is that with the help of this you can select many videos, photos and transfer them to a new location.


Your phone does not necessarily have a micro SD card slot. You can transfer photos and videos through the app. For the device to device wireless transfer, you can use many apps available on play store like-share it, Gender, SFT, and super bim apps.

Apps Transfer

There are many apps on your old phone, how far will you backup them? For this, you can use a free app called Helium. It takes a full backup of all apps. Download this app in your old device and then back up this app. You can also backup on a microSD card, external USB storage or computer. You can use a cloud backup solution, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.

Keyboard and Saved Words

It may take time to become familiar with the keyboard of the new phone. Most commonly used words have to be added separately to the keyboard of every phone. You can use keyboards like swift key and swipe to avoid this problem. Install and use them. Older words will be available on the new keyboard when you download these apps and sign-in to a new device.

Home screen

To install the home screen in a new phone, you can backup the home screen layout through Nova Launcher. If you reinstall the apps in your new phone, then the data of the old device will be easily transferred to the new device.

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