How to Use Hair Dryer without Damaging Hairs?

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Some precautions should be taken while using a hairdryer to dry hairs with minimal damage. For example, if the distance of the dryer from the hair is kept 6-9 inches, it will not cause dryness in the hair and they will not weaken and break. Apart from this, applying the serum before the use of dryer also prevents hair from getting damaged.

A hairdryer is being used a lot nowadays to dry hair. However, using the hair dry in natural way is more suitable for hair health. Hot air coming out of the hairdryer makes hair dry and dull. This weakens and breaks hair, but if used properly, these problems will not occur. Today we will tell you what mistakes you should not make while using a hairdryer and how to use them correctly.

  • Keep Sufficient Distance from the Hair

When using the hairdryer, keep in mind that it must be at least 6-9 inches away from your hair. Keeping hair at a short distance from it, using a hairdryer increases the dryness of the hair and breaks the hair quickly.

  • Must Apply Serum

Be sure to apply a nutritional serum to your hair before using a hairdryer. This serum protects the hairdryer from damaging your hair. Also, it also makes your hair soft.

  • Do Conditioning First

It is advisable to have the hair conditioned before using a hairdryer. This makes the hair less likely to get tangled and does not break hair.

  • Apply Oil to Hair

If you constantly use a hairdryer in your hair then it is important that you apply oil to your hair daily. This provides adequate nutrition to the hair. This is necessary because the repeated use of the hairdryer keeps nourishment from the hair.

  • Hold Hair Dryer Correctly

Hold the hairdryer with the handle instead of the body. This is the right method and also less harmful for hair. It keeps you in better control when holding the hairdryer with the handle. Also, lift the hair such that the brush and dryer are parallel. If the windfalls on the hairline, it is more correct.

  • Use the Right Brush

It is very important to choose the right brush when using a hairdryer. During this time, metal brushes should not be used. Using a natural brush causes less damage to the hair.

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