IAS vs PCS: Know What are the Difference Between IAS and PCS ?

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IAS is selected through the Civil Services Examination conducted by UPSC.

PCS is recruited from the State Civil Services Examination conducted by the State Public Service Commission.

Know all the differences between IAS and PCS

IAS Vs PCS Difference: IAS is being selected in India since the time of the British, although then its name was different. When the British needed officers to run smoothly and collect taxes in India, they started administrative service in 1893 ICS i.e. Imperial Civil Services. In this, the elected officers were called ICS at that time. Even after independence, this service was kept as it is, but its name was changed from ICS to IAS. At the same time, the state governments also appoint their officers like IAS to run their governance system smoothly, these officers are called PCS.

What is IAS?

IAS is the administrative part of the All-India Services of India. These officers are posted in the Central Government, State Government, and Public Sector Undertakings and play an important role in the smooth functioning of the government. IAS officers are recruited by the Union Public Service (UPSC) Commission. The candidates who qualify in this exam are allotted by the Government of India to the states. In this exam, only the top merited participants are selected for IAS.

What is PCS?

Like UPSC, states have their own public service commissions. Various officers are appointed by these Public Service Commissions through examination. These officers are called Provincial Civil Services or PCS. In this, successful candidates are appointed to high and important posts like SDM, ARTO, DSP, BDO, etc. PCS officers are transferred in the same state in which they are appointed, they cannot be transferred to any other state.

Differences between IAS and PCS

  • While IAS is selected through the Civil Services Examination conducted by UPSC, PCS is recruited through the State Civil Services Examination conducted by the State Public Service Commission.
  • IAS recruitment and service matters are decided by the Central Administrative Tribunal set up by the Centre, while UCS recruitment and service matters are decided by the State Administrative Tribunals.
  • The mandatory exam to become an IAS is CSAT, while the State Public Service Commission exam may or may not have CSAT paper.
  • The UPSC exam consists of a qualifying regional language paper, while the PCS exam compulsorily has a regional language or statistics paper.
  • In UPSC exam, questions are more conceptual than factual, whereas in PCS more emphasis is laid on factual questions.
  • Officers in UPSC are appointed by the President, while PCS officers are appointed by the Governor.
  • Only the Central Government has the right to dismiss an IAS officer while in service, while PCS can be expelled by the State Government.
  • IAS officers are posted anywhere in the country, their salary is the same and this cadre is given by the state. At the same time, the salary of PCS is given by the respective state.
  • If we talk about promotion, then an IAS officer can start his career from SDM to the post of Chief Secretary. On the other hand, PCS officers can get promoted to the IAS cadre and can go up to the post of secretary in the state.
  • IAS officers can be transferred anywhere in the country apart from their state cadre, but PCS officers are not transferred outside their state.
  • The salary and pension of an IAS officer is given by his/her respective cadre, while the salary and pension of PCS officers is arranged by their state government.

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