Plus Size Clothing : If You are Plus Size Then Pay Attention While Shopping

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Gone are the days when people used to see men or women of plus size with different eyes. They did not get the clothes to wear. They felt ashamed for their stalker. They used to resort to the gym and diet to reduce their obesity. Today, 1 in 10 women looks plus size. This is the effect of today’s lifestyle and food. Today, most of the women eat more junk food than domestic food, due to which they become plus-size at an early age. In such a situation, they are always looking for the right outfit. Trendy and sexy dresses of plus size are also easily available in the market nowadays. Designers are launching new designs plus size clothes in the market.

The right selection of clothes

It is very important to choose the right clothing for plus size women so that they look beautiful. Junarose Design Expert Prachi says that there is no harm in being plus size. The right dress can give them a good look. So while buying clothes, plus size women should keep in mind the following things:

  • Floral prints and planes can easily be worn in any color, but it is important to choose the right fabric and color. Comfortable to wear, accurately shaped and durable.

  • Natural fabric, silk, soft cotton, linen, nylon, lycra, etc. are more good.

  • Always try to buy shape clothes. You can look smart by wearing them. Apart from this, tunic with lagging, top with jeans can also give a good look.

  • The dress with layering also fits well with plus-size women. In this lace, fine embroidery on the edges looks quite good.

  • Vertical striped clothes are perfect for plus size women, in which they look slim and high height.

  • Wear dark-colored and small print clothes more.

  • If you want to buy pants, then choose denim, rayon, cotton, etc.

Nowadays, the demand for plus size clothing is increasing constantly. Now the challenge is for the designers on how to bring plus size clothes in different colors and designs. Around 330 plus-size models walked on the ramp for Lakme Fashion Week, in which 17 models were selected. On this occasion, designer Vandal Roderick says, “Every woman has the right to look beautiful. This is the reason why I make more clothes for women because they carry clothes properly and I like it. Every country has its own different traditions and culture. I design clothes based on that. For this, I roam every city and country. The plus-size is not yet popular, but it was already there, but its market was not developed, which is now happening.”

While choosing a party wear  

Plus size women should keep in mind the following while choosing party wear:

  • First of all, Choose the apparel according to the party, or occasion, or any place you are going to.

  • Buy clothes according to body size. Consult an expert for this.

  • See which part of the body is to be hidden or highlighted.

  • Do not buy a strapless dress. Choose V necklines and full sleeve dresses. They make it attractive.

  • Wear the right undergarments so that the clothes fit right on you.

  • Choose the color as per your own

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