Immunity Booster Green Tea Mocktail Recipe

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It would be very important to give a sufficient amount of nutrients to the body in summer. For this, we have to drink more water, eat fruits, and drink the juice. They can protect us from many infections in the summer. But if you feel like drinking something different then you can make mocktails. These give you freshness as well as increase your immunity. So, let’s know the recipe of Peach Green Tea Mocktail

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Material Required:

– Some fresh peaches

– Two Green Tea Bags (Any flavor)

– Ice Cubes

– Sugar syrup or honey


Sparkling Peach Tea

– Crush the peaches a little.

-After this, put two T-bags in cold water and leave for two minutes.

– Pour this water in peaches and blend.

After this, add the remaining ingredients, mix it well and serve cold.

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