Inspirational: Radha Yadav’s Success Story Hidden in Father’s Struggle

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Women’s Day Special

In today’s era, there have been many changes done in women’s Life due to her own efforts. In today’s time, there will hardly be any area where women do not contribute. Today we are going to tell you about one such female Cricket player, who has proved that cricket, can play not only men but also women.

We are talking about Radha Yadav, whose name is being taken in everywhere in India today. Radha Yadav is the rising star of women’s cricket who won Player of the Match on stunning victory by defeating Sri Lanka by seven wickets in the Women’s World T20. Radha Yadav was adjudged Player of the Match in this match. The story and journey of becoming women cricketer is also very spectacular and inspiring.

The story of Radha’s struggle is hidden in the jump from 220 feet slum to Team India in the colony of Kolivari area of ​​Mumbai. Let us tell you her journey from ordinary girl to become sensational women cricketer Radha

Support of Father

Radha started playing cricket from the age of 6. Earlier she used to play cricket with the children of the locality. But, seeing the girl playing cricket, the people of the village used to taunt Radha’s father Omprakash. People said that such a freedom to the daughter is not right. It’s not good to play with boys. However, her father never cared about the people and supported his daughter.

Difficult to maintain home

His father used to sell milk in Mumbai. He then opened a vegetable and grocery store to earn money. But Radha does not want her father to do such a thing. Radha has 4 siblings and she is the youngest. It is very difficult to get home expenses from a small shop in a metropolis like Mumbai. It also becomes difficult to deduct the cost of studies and medicine. In such a situation, Radha did not have the money to buy the kit. However, she did not give up.

Practiced with Wooden Bat

In her desire for cricket, she started practice by making wooden bats. She used to play cricket in the stadium in Rajendranagar, which is 3 km away from her home. Her father used to leave her on a bicycle.

Coach Praful gave free tanning

Her coach Praful Patel first saw Radha playing tennis ball cricket. Radha had said ‘When I came to know that there are nets for girls in Shiv Seva Maidan. I realized that girls also play cricket. I told my father to let me go there. But he said that it is beyond his means. But then Praful sir convinced my father to give me free training.

After some time, she took coaching to play cricket in Mumbai. Then she used to get 10-15 thousand rupees a month to play domestic cricket. She was then selected in international cricket in 2018. Then after signing a contract with BCCI, she started getting Rs 10 lakh. Radha used to get only ten to fifteen thousand rupees while playing domestic cricket. However, after signing a contract with the BCCI, he started getting  10 Lakhs. Now this Amount is close to 30 lakhs.

Sisters and Brother is Scarifies for Radha  

Radha’s father said, ‘It is not just me or my wife but all three of his elder siblings who have played a role in Radha’s progress. My elder daughter, Soni, used to be a better cricketer than Radha but she decided to give up her career to help Radha make it.

Purchased shop for father with first income

With her first earnings, Radha bought a shop for her father for the General Store. She changed her family’s lifestyle. Now Radha wants him to buy a house so that she can live comfortably with the whole family.

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