Is Alcohol Harming Your Fertility?

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Drinking alcohol at a party or on a special occasion has become a common thing these days. At the same time, not only men but women have also become addicted to drinking alcohol. But do you know that it can lead to fatal diseases like cancer but also infertility? According to recent research, alcohol was the cause of infertility in 35% of men and women.

How much alcohol is harmful to men?

alcohol is harmful for men's Fertility

According to research, excessive and regular consumption of alcohol can cause infertility in men and women. In men who have more than 5 drinks every 2 hours, it can also lead to reduced sperm count. If someone takes more than 14 drinks in a week, his testosterone level will be low, affecting the sperm count.

How is Men’s fertility affected by Alcohol?

How is men's fertility affected by Alcohol?

. Apart from this, research says that it can change the size, shape, and movement of healthy sperm of men. Apart from this, shrinkage of the testis causes impotence.

. Drinking too much alcohol can decrease follicle stimulating hormone, testosterone level, luteinizing hormone in men, which affects sperm production.

. A father’s drinking for 3 months before conceiving increases the infant’s risk of congenital heart disease by 44-52%.

How is women’s fertility affected by Alcohol?

. Drinking too much alcohol can increase the amount of prolactin in the blood.

. Changes in testosterone, luteinizing, estradiol hormones

. Irregular periods or amenorrhea

. Drinking alcohol during pregnancy can cause fetal alcohol spectrum disorder in the baby.

How to increase fertility?

To increase fertility, men and women should quit alcohol, smoking, tobacco use and make lifestyle changes. other than this.

. Eat green leafy vegetables, seasonal fruits, whole grains in the diet.

. Keep diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma under control

. Keep the weight under control as it also affects the health. 

When should you not drink alcohol?

If you are planning for a baby, then at least 6 months in advance stop the consumption of alcohol completely. This will increase the sperm count and the heart of the baby will also be healthy. Along with this, the baby will be protected from many disorders and diseases. Apart from this, women should not drink alcohol even during pregnancy. This affects the development of the fetus and puts it at risk of many diseases at the time of birth.


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