Is food cooked in the microwave healthy or not?

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Although microwave has made our life easier, but research shows that microwave oven is not safe from health point of view.

In today’s modern era, in order to save time, we have started using modern cooking appliances like gas and microwave ovens instead of the stove. Though, these tools uses less time and effort. But it also has some side effects.

Here are the 9 side effects of using microwave:

  1. Harmful to pregnant woman – Use of micro wave is harmful for pregnant women as it produces dangerous electromagnetic radiation. Which damages the brain, heart and penis of an unborn baby. Miscarriage can also occur with its use.
  2. Reduction in nutritional intake – In this, the nutritional value of the food being cooked is destroyed from 60 to 90 percent and the structural disintegration of food is accelerated. This is why food starts to harm rather than benefiting the body.
  3. Poor impact on immunity – The more the food cooked in the microwave, the weaker our immunity will be. Because eating cooked food in it affects the immunity to fight bacteria and viruses.
  4. Effect on the lymphatic system – The rays emanating from these in baked food in the oven and microwave form the cancer factors and the intake of food increases the number of cancer cells in the blood. Actually, the chemical changes in the food cooked in the microwave weaken the functioning of the lymphatic system of the human body.
  5. Digestive system is affected – The rays emanating from the microwave make some such changes in food, due to which the person may have digestive problems.
  6. Affects skin – In a very short time, nutritious elements of foods are destroyed by cooking and cooking. Which causes wrinkles and premature aging. The risk of skin cancer increases.
  7. It has a bad effect on the brain – It has a bad effect on the brain by eating food made in microwave. Such food causes long term and permanent damage to the brain.
  8. Effect on the manufacture of hormones – Eating foods made in the microwave also affects the manufacturing process of hormones. This type of food affects the hormones of both men and women.
  9. Lack of memory – Eating cooked in it every day increases memory power, intellectual ability, lack of concentration and emotional instability.

Tips –

  • It is important not to use microwave if there is no need.
  • Use it for heating, instead of cooking. And avoid repeated opening while heating. Otherwise its harmful rays affect the body.
  • While using it, keep a distance of 12-14 cm.
  • It has become old, so get the radiation meter checked regularly.

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