Is It safe to Use Henna During Pregnancy?

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It is considered auspicious to have a Heena (mehndi) on marriage or any special occasion, but during pregnancy, women are advised not to apply mehndi. Our Elderly women advising not apply mehndi not only hands and feet but also on the hairs. Let’s know what is the opinion of experts on this?

Applying Heena (mehndi) during pregnancy

According to experts, it is not a disadvantage to apply mehndi in pregnancy, but nowadays, chemicals are added to the mehndi available in the market, so that its color becomes darker. However, these chemicals that thicken the mehndi are not suitable for the fetus. In such a situation, if you want to apply mehndi in pregnancy, then it should be natural.

Heena (Mehndi) with chemical can cause these harm

  • . Many times there is a fear of allergy to chemicals containing mehndi, so first check it thoroughly.
  • . Keep in mind that do not apply mehndi at night because its effect is cold, which can harm the fetus.

Why do not apply mehndi in pregnancy?

  • If you or your unborn baby have the following problems, then avoid applying henna …
  • Hyperbilirubinemia (increased bilubin in blood)
  • Lack of glucose-6 phosphate dehydrogenase enzyme in the body
  • Anemia means anemia
  • Having problems with blood or immune system

How to recognize that Heena (Mehndi) is not good?

  • During this time use only pure henna. If you want, you can also make mehndi by grinding leaves at home.
  • Te color of pure mehndi comes from red, orange, brown, coffee or chocolate. If Mehndi goes black then understand that it has chemicals.
  • The color of natural mehndi fades between 1 to 4 weeks while the mehndi with chemicals starts coming out early.

Is it safe to apply mehndi to hair in Pregnancy?

Yes, during this time experts also refuse to apply henna on the hair because it can cause damage to the fetus, but you can apply mehndi on the skin. Pregnant women should stay away from things containing chemicals for 9 months.

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