Are WWE Fights Real or Fake? Is WWE Fake Fighting?

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Is WWE Fake Fighting?

One of the biggest questions about  WWE – Is WWE fake fighting? Are the matches played in the WWE ring real? Often people say that it is real, some say that everything is fake. But people get confused about the actual story. WWE has a fan following in India of every age.

The show has a tremendous combination of romance, fight, tragedy, and entertainment. But despite all this, there are many questions in the mind of  WWE fans. As the fight is real or just a scripted drama, how does a big wrestler lose to a smaller one? We tell you what is factual in WWE and what is fake:

How much truth in battle?

WWE is associated with writers who write scripts for the fight. Most moves of win-win and wrestlers are also pre-decided. The only difference here is that there is no chance of retake in it and Wrestler has no scope to make any mistake.

Do wrestlers use drugs to build bodies?

There are allegations that some wrestlers take steroids and drugs for good body and stamina. Although there is a WWE wellness policy to prevent this, cases of taking steroids continue to be reported.

Does wrestler’s moves cause pain?

Common people feel that the ring is made in such a way that the wrestlers have no pain while fighting. To an extent, this is also true, but good training is given here. With many years of hard work, they avoid causing much harm to each other.

Above the white looking surface are white colored mats and under that mats, this wood is applied with spring in such a way that the chances of injury are very less. Along with this, a mic is placed under the ring so that the voice of the wrestler will come easily.

More money if you lose

WWE’s fights are scripted, so a wrestler’s fee is also decided based on the script and the star value of the wrestler. That is, sometimes the loser can also get more money according to his ‘role’.

The Truth of Weapons

Wrestlers always use weapons. 75 percent of weapons are completely real. Steel chairs, hammer, ladder, and other weapons are real. Wrestlers learn the correct use of these weapons for many years in wrestling school.  All the weapons are very week for lesser injury.

Real blood and injury?

WWE may be scripted, but there have been many instances when wrestlers have been hurt and have even become disabled. Apart from this, blood is real in most cases. Blood capsules are used for the effect of spitting blood.

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