Is Your Girl Friend is Taking Advantage of You?

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The feeling of being in love fills the heart and life with happiness. But this happens only when love is true. If it is just to fill needs or your life with luxury, then it can be just a matter of use and throw.


Girlfriends are taking advantage of you; understand from these things that they do not really love you. The relationship of love is such that in this couples do anything to make each other happy. But if everything starts becoming conditional in this, then there is a need to be careful. Especially when and from your relatives to friends, you have been warned about girlfriends many times, because it is possible that the girl has made her boyfriend just to use you and there is no love anywhere in the relationship. This can be understood by these gestures:


Questions about money

Does your girlfriend always talk to you about money and property? If yes, be careful. If she is suggesting investment or saving money, then surely she is worried about your future, but if she repeatedly asks you for money on her salary or asks for investment for herself. If you ask, then be a little alert. Think a little about what their intention is and try to fumble. Do not take the financial bird for yourself even by mistake.


Resentment and gifts

Does your girlfriend get angry at the talk and she does not agree unless you give them a costly gift, then this gesture is also not right. This can be their way of getting expensive gifts free from you and you can be an easy way to get it. If love really happens, after the quarrel, there is no need to patch up, rather than expensive gifts, to just say what the heart says.


Demand to visit and expensive restaurants

If your girlfriend insists on taking a trip with you in the name of quality time, going on an expensive trip, lunch or dinner, it is a sign that she is not your company but You like to have him provide every luxury. She is making your life comfortable through you, whose cost you may have to suffer by hurting your feelings.


Flirt with other boys

Being in a relationship is imperative when an attractive person is exposed, but if the girlfriend does not hesitate to flirt with the male friends in your friend circle, other boys or even an unknown boy and try to get close to them. That is also because he is more wealthy then it is obvious that he does not love you. You are simply a means to fulfill your demands.


Trying to get away from friends and family

There is also an understanding of the relationship with love, which along with this relationship helps in keeping the friendship and relationship with the family going with affection. But if she stops you from meeting your friends, prevents you from doing anything for them, prevents you from spending money for them in any way, and does not hesitate to spend this amount on yourself, then this love cannot exist.


Giving friend and family a warning

It is often that what we cannot see, we see close friends and family. In such a situation, if you give repeated warnings to your close girlfriend, do not ignore it. Because one or two people may be wrong, but if someone who truly loves you is constantly telling you wrong then you need to see the situation from their eyes, then perhaps you will understand the reality of the person.


Repeated threats

If your girlfriend repeatedly threatens a breakup and makes you meet expensive gifts, expensive trips or other demands, then it’s time to recover. Threatening a breakup is one way to easily fulfill your demands and spend all your money and attention on yourself so that their lives are simply moving with ease and comfort and they do not suffer.


No care for your self-esteem

Love also includes respect for each other, but if the girlfriend ignores it, does not take care of your self-esteem or does not respect your feelings for anything, then it is not right. For example, showing displeasure in front of your friends and leaving the place in between, and even after celebrating your hours with expensive gifts, shows that their real love is money and gifts.

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