Kajal for Babies: Is it safe to apply Kajal to Baby’s Eyes?

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The practice of applying Kajal in the eyes of the infant is very old. According to Indian culture, kajal is applied in eyes to protect the child from evil eyes, but there is no research base evidence present. In all the villages, cities, and even metros of India, this custom is still practiced with full fervor, but the question arises whether it is right to do so? Eyes are the softest and sensitive part of the body, in such a situation, is it okay to apply kajal in the eyes of a small child?

Effect of applying Kajal

Of course, obey the advice of grandmother kajal protects your baby from all the diseases and problems.  So the more kajal in the eyes, the more bright and beautiful your eyes will look. But the opinion of doctors is completely opposite and applying kajal in the eyes can be harmful to your baby.

Doctor’s opinion on Applying Kajal to Baby

There may be a complaint of watery eyes of a newborn baby using kajal. Eyes can cause itching as well as allergic reactions. If the eyes are not cleaned properly after applying kajal in the eyes of the baby, then it gets deposited on those edges which are prone to infection. The area between our eyes is fragile, so knowing dust and dirt in the eyes, these things affect the eyes very quickly and it can also affect the eyesight of the baby.

Apply Kajal like this

If you agree with these things of the doctors and still want to beautify your child’s eyes with kajal then use organic kajal. Instead of kajal found in the market, use homemade kajal. When buying kajal from the market, make sure that it is made by a good company, so that the information used in making this is known. Remove the kajal from the eyes of the infant every night and wash it with light hands.

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