Kids Health: What foods help a child grow taller?

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It is very important to have nutritious things in the daily diet of the child. Otherwise, their immunity may weaken. In such a situation, due to repeated illness of the child, their physical development can be hampered, due to which their height can stop growing. Therefore, parents need to take special care of their daily diet. Let us tell you today about 5 superfoods, which you must include in your child’s daily diet.

Milk and other dairy products

Milk contains calcium, protein, etc. elements, and antioxidants. Consuming this strengthens the muscles and bones of the child. In such a situation, it helps in increasing his height. Apart from this, physical and mental development is better. In this case, include 2 glasses of milk in the daily diet of the child. If your kid does not like to drink milk then you can give him a mango, banana shake, etc. Apart from this, include dairy products like cheese, curd, etc. in his diet.


Beans have nutrients and antioxidant properties like protein, vitamin B, iron, calcium etc. Due to the high amount of protein in it, increasing the immunity of the child helps in physical development. Consuming it helps in increasing the height of the child rapidly.


Almonds are rich in vitamin A, E, fiber, iron, manganese, and antioxidant properties. Consuming it strengthens bones and muscles. Immunity will increase rapidly. In such a situation, along with keeping the health of the child healthy, it helps in increasing height rapidly. You can also feed other dry fruits to the baby.


If your child is fond of non-veg, then you can include protein-rich chicken in his daily diet. It contains protein, vitamin B, and other essential nutrients. Consuming it helps in the growth of protein tissues in the body, repair of damaged tissues. Apart from this, weak muscles develop better. This helps the baby to stay energized throughout the day along with getting the right amount of nutrition. You can include grilled chicken in your child’s daily diet. Due to the better development of the child, the height will increase rapidly.


Egg’s rich in protein help in increasing height. Along with this, the vitamins and amino acids present in it provide strength from inside. In such a situation, as the height of the child increases, it helps in better development.


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