Kiss Street in Mexico is famous for Kiss Day Celebrations

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Couples planning to go to romantic places to make Valentine’s Day special. Although everyone goes to visit romantic places with a partner, the fun of going on Valentine’s Week is something else. In such a situation, places should also be special to make this day more special. If you are thinking of going to a romantic place with your partner, then you can go to Mexico. There are many beautiful places in Mexico City where you can enjoy walking with your partner and make your trip memorable by saying I love you again.

Mexico City

Although many tourists come every year to visit Mexico, in February, lots of couples come here. Kiss Street in Mexico is the most famous among couples. This extremely thin street in Guanajuato, Mexico is named El Callejón del Basso. The distance between the two houses in this street is such that two people can kiss each other comfortably.


People here say that two lovers used to sit in this street. The girl Donna Carmen was rich and the boy Luis was from a poor household, due to which Donna’s father did not allow her to love him. After this Luis started living in front of their house and both used to hide and kiss in this street at night. When the girl’s father came to know, they killed the girl.

Mexico City

People believe that kissing a partner in this street makes them happy for many years. Therefore, couples coming from India and abroad wait in line here by putting them in line. On Valentine’s Kiss Day, there is a crowd of couples here outside the street. For this reason, it has now become a festival.

Mexico City

This festival, which has been associated with tourism, is celebrated with much fanfare. Its celebration is seen from inside the street to the outside. If you are also planning to hang out with your partner, then these places are the best for you. Apart from Kiss Street, you can visit many romantic places here.

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