Know How the Corona Virus became a Big Trouble for this Best Beer Brand.?

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So far more than two thousand people have died due to Corona virus in China. At the same time, Mexican beer ‘Corona’ is also suffering a lot due to this virus.

Corona virus caused harm to this beer brand name “Corona”

Corona virus spread in China has made thousands of people their victims till now. At the same time, a beer brand has also been involved in the loss of people suffering from this virus. One of the world’s most popular beers has been damaged due to corona virus. The name of Corona beer is also becoming quite viral in the memes and videos being shared on social media about the Corona virus.

According to a report, it has been found that a lot of search has been done on the Internet about ‘Corona Beer Virus’ and ‘Beer Corona Virus’. Due to which the Mexican Beer Association has suffered a lot. YouGov report shows that consumption of this beer has reached the lowest level in America in the last two years.

After the outbreak of Corona virus in China, this beer brand has seen the most damage. This situation became serious when the corona virus has seen 8 percent loss in New York stock market this week. Corona is the third most popular beer in the US according to YouGov rankings. Let us know that Guinness beer is first and Haniken is second in America. Please tell that the corona beer has been given its name from the corona of the sun. It has no relation with the corona virus spreading in China.

YouGov’s business data journalist Graeme Bruce has stated another reason behind the loss to Corona. They say that corona is a drink taken during summer. Therefore, substantial seasonal fluctuations in damage to the corona may also be the main reason.

The case of corona virus was first reported in Wuhan city of China. After this, the number of people who died due to corona virus in China has so far exceeded 2700. With this, more than 78 thousand people have fallen prey to this virus. The risk of infection with this virus is increasing all over the world.


Corona Beer has no relation with the corona virus spreading in China. People seem to think Corona beer is linked to deadly Virus, but that’s totally wrong.

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