Learn 13 tips for taking care of mixer grinder

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Quickly settling the kitchen without a mixer seems like a dream. This is the reason why most mixers are used in the kitchen. Due to more use, it is also more likely to deteriorate quickly. Use of mixer can be done only if you take proper care of it. So it is very important that you keep the mixer safe and take proper care of it. Today we are telling you how to take good care of the mixer.

  1. Make sure to lock the jar properly before running the mixer, otherwise the blade may break.
  2. Since the mixer grinder is used in mixing dry and wet things, it is very important to clean it after every use. Wash the jar thoroughly with water and keep it upside down to dry. This way bad odor will also get away. Before cleaning, remove the blade.
  3. After using the mixer, remove the plug or switch it off. If the plug is not removed, the current will flow continuously, which will affect the performance of the mixer.
  4. While running the mixer, keep in mind that only run it for ten to fifteen minutes at a time. If you want to grind more things then grind it in few intervals.
  5. Make it a habit to clean the mixer immediately after use. If something has fallen on the mixer, do not leave it as it is, it can cause the machine to malfunction.
  6. Instead of running the mixer at full speed, bring it from low to medium and then at full speed. This will not put pressure on the motor at all.
  7. Always keep the blade of the mixer clean and after grinding any wet thing for it, finally add water in the jar and run once so that the things stuck in its blade are easily cleaned.
  8. Bring the ingredients to the room temperature before grinding. Too hot food can damage the product.
  9. Always keep in mind that the jar of the mixer should never be filled full, always fill it in half. Running a jar more than half full puts more pressure on the machine of the mixer and may damage the machine. At the same time, the grinding thing also does not grind properly.
  10. Before grinding, check the lid of the jar, well, whether it is fitted properly or not. Otherwise stuff will spread.
  11. While running the mixer, keep in mind that you keep your hands on the lid of the jar with light pressure. By doing this, the grinding thing will not fall out and there will be no damage to the machine.
  12. When not in use, clean the wire of the mixer with a wet cloth.
  13. Make sure that the mixer grinder is kept in a safe place. It did not fall nor any material fell on it, otherwise the mixer could be damaged. Keep it out of the reach of children.

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