Learn 5 Tips to Control High Blood Pressure

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If you are a patient of high blood pressure and want to reduce the risk of it, then it will be very important and beneficial to adopt a right diet in addition to medical advice. If you do your blood pressure control through diet, learn tips –

  1. Fruits and Vegetables – You must include plenty of fruits and vegetables in your daily diet. Include at least 2 to 2.5 cups of fruits and vegetables in the diet per day. In addition to leafy vegetables, broccoli, blueberries in the diet, take potassium-rich items such as watermelon, oranges, bananas, potatoes, etc. Potassium is very helpful in maintaining blood pressure.
  2. Dairy Products – Having high blood pressure does not mean that you stay away from your favorite dairy product. Rather, you should immediately switch to fat free or low fat products. Include milk, yogurt, household cheese and other low-fat ingredients in the diet and stay healthy.
  3. Rich Protein Food – Adopt protein rich foods. You should take about 6 ons or less protein throughout the day. If you want, you can choose Chicken over Red Meat. As a better protein source, you can include eggs and fish in your daily diet.
  4. Whole Grains – Eating whole grains instead of processed food will be beneficial for you. Oats, cereals, whole grain bread, pasta can be chosen. But while buying, check the nutrition level and sodium content. You can have 8 ons of whole grains in the daily diet.
  5. 5 nuts, seeds and legumes – eating beans, nuts, peanuts, peanut butter, and other similar foods will also be beneficial for heart health and control blood pressure. You should include them in the diet at least 4 to 6 times a week.
  6. Alcohol and sugar – If you consume alcohol, then you have to limit it, as well as reduce sugar intake. Both of these can increase your blood pressure. There should also be distance from things containing saturated fat, carbonated and trans fat. All these can increase your problem as well as damage the heart cells.
  7. Sodium levels – High blood pressure patients should reduce their diet sodium levels. Sodium is not only found in salt but is also present in processed food. Check well before taking such things from the market. Use less of chips, frozen sea food, mustard, ketchup and pickle. Even a small amount of these can increase the level of sodium in your body by 1000 mg.

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