“Maintaining your real personality helps boost confidence which is an essential attribute for all artists today.” says Singer Raveena Mehta

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Confidence is something that turns a performer into a fine and supreme artist. It sharpens the skills one possesses and assists us to shine brighter like perfectionists. This is because the beauty and creativity of any art are enhanced when it is performed with sheer perfection. Raveena Mehta, one of the most versatile female singers in India has emerged as an extremely promising artist today. She has also worked with many eminent personalities in the music industry.

Her chartbusters ‘Jab Tu Hai Wahi’, ‘Keh Na Saku’, and ‘Yaadein’ have proved her flexibility as an artist. However, she strongly believes that her body of work would not hold the strength it holds today if she would not be as confident or true to herself over the years. Her dedication and passion for music opened a lot of gates for her in her career, but it’s her confidence and organic personality that has resonated with the audience through her projects. Raveena believes that one cannot go a long way if they constantly doubt their caliber rather than focusing on their goals with true belief. The ‘Aaja Mere Naal’ singer quotes, “Your self-confidence can work wonders for you if you carry it within you in the right proportion. A lot of people are supremely talented but struggle to be good performers either because they restrict themselves as learners or assume themselves to be inferior. This eventually leads them to develop into people they’re not, which the audience never wishes to accept. This leads to further rejection and loss of confidence. Hence,it’s extremely important to break this vicious cycle. I strongly feel maintaining your real personality boosts your confidence which is the most essential attribute for an artist today.”

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