Meet Srishti Goswami: Who will Handle CM’s Chair for 1 Day in UttaraKhand

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Today women are succeeding in every field. Today, girls have more dominance in different areas than men. On January 24, National Girl Child Day will be celebrated across the country. This day is special for every girl. Now on this day, the daughter of Haridwar, Srishti Goswami, will increase the value of the whole country. Tomorrow’s day is special for girls and for all the girls as well as tomorrow, because the citizens of the country have their eyes fixed on tomorrow because Srishti Goswami of Haridwar will become the Chief Minister of Uttarakhand for 1 day.

Srishti will review plans.

This moment is as special for Srishti’s family, it is also a moment of pride for the country that the daughter of the country will take the chair of CM for one day. During this time, Srishti will review all the schemes of the government and these schemes include Atal Ayushman Yojana, Smart City Project, Homestay Scheme of Tourism Department, and other development projects.

Assembly meeting will also be held

According to media reports, during this time assembly meeting will also be held. Let me tell you that during this time, all the development works of the universe will also be reviewed. For this, the officials of the nominated department will give their presentation in the assembly for five minutes each.

Child Chief Minister is elected every 3 years

Let us tell you that on National Girl Child Day tomorrow, the assembly will also be held at 12 noon. This Bal Vidhan Sabha is held once in 3 years and for this year the Child Chief Minister is also elected and in the year 2018, Srishti was chosen for this and Srishti will also give a presentation of the Child Department.

Who is Srishti Goswami?

Srishti hails from Daulatpur and is studying B.Sc Agriculture from BSM PG College. He is very happy for the day of tomorrow and for this he has also thanked the CM of Uttarakhand.

Her Parents do this work

According to the news, Srishti’s father feeds the family from a small shop and his mother works in the Anganwadi. The parents are very happy with this success of the daughter and today they have respect for the daughter.

Srishti works for the education of girls

Srishti always thinks of changing society. And for this, she also works to educate girls and motivates other girls for this. Not only this, in 2018 also, Srishti was chosen as the lawmaker of Bal Sabha in Uttarakhand and in the year 2019, she also went to Thailand to participate in the international leadership of girls. A girl will pay attention to safety

According to Srishti, she will keep the focus on girl safety and the issues related to them in tomorrow’s program and she will see the presentation and then give her suggestions.

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