Menstrual Hygiene: Know the right time and way to change pad in Periods

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If the cleanliness and hygiene is not taken care of during the period, the consequences can be so severe that the woman may lose the pleasure of becoming a mother. Because the infection can spread to the uterus (uterus).

Menstrual Hygiene: The right time and way to change the period pad. Periods, menstruation, menstruation or menstrual cycle (MC) are the terms that are part of every woman’s half-life. Because periods are a gift of nature for women. So that they, like nature itself, can work to advance this world …

These things should be clear…

-How to take care of hygiene during periods? So that problems during vagina, urinary tract, yeast infection and problem in pregnancy can be avoided.

How to use period pads

– Doctors says that the cost of pads used during the manual cycle in our country is very high. If we talk about good quality pads, then it is not a matter of everyone to order them.

-It is a big interest that most girls and women either start using light quality pads or use a pad for 10 to 12 hours. This situation is not good for his personal hygiene.

Time to change pad

When a girl should change pads during periods depends on how the flow of bleeding is. If bleeding is excessive, the pad should be replaced every 4 hours.

– Even if bleeding is low or normal, it is better to change the pad every 8 hours. If you are traveling or are in a place where you are not getting the facility to change, in that case a pad should be in contact with your skin for at least 12 hours.

What to do at night?

Women should also clean Vagina with water before going to bed at night. This can be a normal wash, in which you do not have to use any wash.

-But during periods, take full care that you have to clean the vagina with a good and medicated wash before sleeping. Also, the pad has to be changed.

Greed can be costly

-If ever the pads have changed in the afternoon and the bleeding has reduced, still use fresh pads before sleeping at night. Because this pad is in contact with your skin overnight. In such a situation, there is a fear of microbes which cause infection.

After waking up in the next morning, the first thing to do is change the pad that has been applied all night. Do not do that to get involved in handling the essential work of the first day and many more hours are spent in this pad. Keep in mind that nothing is more important than health.

Causes of skin rashes

-Skin rash during periods is a very common problem, which usually causes girls to struggle. Keep in mind that these rashes are also a form of infection. Because the surrounding skin also has moisture and more softness than before due to bleeding.

– In the summer season we sweat and moist skin gets peeled due to constant rubbing of tight clothes or sometimes due to the elastic and pads of innerwear. Which later comes out as rashes and there is a problem in walking.

Source of infection

-Using longer pads during periods. Not using non-toxic clothes or taking care of cleanliness … These are all sources of infection and cause of infection.

– If periodic hygiene is ignored for a long time, vaginal infection can be so severe that it can take away the pleasure of pregnancy. That is, inadvertently a woman can also be a victim of infertility. Therefore, this hygiene should be taken seriously.


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