Money will not spoil the Relationship if you keep these things in mind

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It is totally wrong to think that money does not matter in love, because money is necessary to survive. In such a situation, if some things related to money are not taken care of in the relationship, then it can break the relationship by dissolving bitterness.

Money will not spoil the relationship, if you keep these things in mind, no matter how deep the relationship is, but when it comes to money, it can cause big problems. At the beginning of the relationship, no one talks about money nor expresses it, but not having clear thoughts on money can cause problems later. This should not happen to you, so we are telling you some work tips which will keep the fun in the relationship but will not let it break due to money problems.

My money is yours … No, your money is yours and the other’s money is his own. Both of you will decide according to you or how you want to spend it. Even in a relationship, it is better not to take the liberty of spending more money on one person.

Share the Bill

If you are a boy, do not keep paying bills to impress your girlfriend and if you are a girl, do not let your boyfriend pay for your dinner. Reducing the bill in half is a good practice that does not increase the Burden in terms of money on any one person. If it seems strange to pay half of the bill, then when you go out to eat, once the boyfriend and once the girlfriend can pay the bill.

Set the limit of gifts price

Admittedly, money is not seen in love and gifts, but if it affects the budget, then it is better to pay attention in advance. Neither give nor accept more expensive gifts. This will neither compete for expensive and expensive gifts between the two, nor will the budget of both be spoiled in this affair. Suppose that if the girlfriend has to take any expensive thing, then tell them your budget and give that amount to them, she will add the remaining amount herself.

Go on trip then set budget

If you plan a trip, then decide the budget in advance. Taxi, train / flight ticket, hotel bill, food bill etc., all have a rough budget. Discuss this amount together and then finalize it. This will make your journey smooth and at the same time there will be no shortage of money at the last moment, so that no one will be able to bear the burden.

Make a contract for Contribution Equally

Yes, if you want to go on a trip and if the budget is fixed, then keep the amount between two and three thousand rupees more than that amount, then do a country money exchange. This will help both of you to save money for the trip as well as not increase the financial burden on each other. Even if someone spends more money during a trip for some reason, he must still pay that amount.

Keep in Min Borrowing is Borrowing

Emergency of money can come to anyone at any time. In this situation, if you take money from your boyfriend or girlfriend, consider it as a loan and return the entire amount in time. Can not be returned together, then return it in installments. Don’t even think of it by mistake, since the person who gave the money loves you, then there is no need to pay this amount. Honestly return them full money and do not allow money in the middle of the relationship.

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