Natural ways to keep your home cool this summer

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Without cooler-AC, keep the house cool in these natural ways

The summer season has started and AC and coolers are on in home. However, the cool air of AC and cooler can give you coolness as well as diseases. At the same time, it increases electricity bill constantly.  In such a situation, today we will give you some tips, which will help to keep the house cool naturally. Let’s know how to keep the house cold without AC and cooler …

Cool from plants

With the help of plants, the effect of heat can be reduced to a great extent. Due to plants, the temperature of the house remains as low as 6-7 degrees, which is enough to keep the cold. If you want, you can also keep the house cool by planting indoor plants.

Cool the Roofs

Cool Home

Make your house roof in dark colour. Also get white paint or POP done on the roofs. This keeps the house cool by 70–80%.

Light coloured bed sheet

Always apply cotton fabric and light colour badsheets and curtains in summer. This causes frostbite in the house. Soaking the sack with water and keeping it hanging will keep the house cool.

Do not lay the carpet

Along with heavy curtains used in winter, pack other things like carpet, quilts, blankets and carpets. This creates heat, which makes the room warm. Also leave the floor empty, so that it stays cool.

Water spray on roofs

Spray water on the roof of the house in the morning and evening. This method will keep your home naturally cool. If you live in flats, you can add water to the balcony.

Cross ventilation is necessary

Cross-ventilation is the best way to keep the house cool. In the day time, keep the window doors closed. In such a situation, open the windows and doors in the evening. This will let the hot air inside and the house stay cool.

Stand fan use

Place a bowl of ice in front of the fan with a stand. This will keep the house cool without an air conditioner and will also reduce power consumption. At night keep the table fan or stand fan in front of the open window. This will bring cold air outside.

Use of exhaust fan

Use exhaust fan in kitchen and bathroom. Due to this, the hot and humid air will go out and the house will remain cool.


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