Natural Ways to Relieve Constipation

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Constipation is very common due to a lack of physical activity. It is not good to take the risk of going to the park or going to the gym to avoid the coronavirus. It is better that you try at home to maintain your digestion.

Complaining of constipation due to lack of physical activity is very common. Know here, what to keep in mind while at home so that the problem of constipation will be kept away…

-To avoid constipation, it is important that you consume fiber-rich foods in your food as much as possible. For this, add green vegetables, oatmeal, poha, oats, watermelon, melon, banana and pulses in your daily diet.

Fibres make the digestive system strong

Fibre-rich food is very useful for our body’s digestive system. This food not only gives a feeling of filling the stomach immediately, as well as keeps the stomach full for a long time. Because the easier its digestion is slower also.

– Because fiber is digested at a slow rate, it keeps giving our body energy for a long time. At the same time, it also works to keep the communication of energy in the body balanced. This makes us feel active.

– Fibre does not allow stool to accumulate in the stomach. It also works to keep the motion smooth. Fibers are natural fibers that bind the digested food to the stomach.

Drink as much water as possible

– The summer season has come, so it is very common for the body to lack water. Usually, during our stay in the house, we do not pay attention to how much water we drank during the day. This situation is not correct.

Drinking water that prevents constipation

– During your stay in the house, drink water according to the weather and your body’s needs. Do not wait to feel thirsty to drink water. Drink water by yourself after a certain time, whether thirsty or not.

– Drinking water according to the need of the body does not cause dryness or dehydration in the stomach and keeps the stomach clean. So, keep liquid like juices, syrup, water, milk throughout the day.

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