Omicron Symptoms: Be Alert as soon as these 5 Symptoms Appear

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Omicron symptoms: In India too, the speed of Omicron is increasing at a fast pace. So far many cases of Omicron have been reported in the country. Omicron’s symptoms are different than Delta’s and its transmissibility is also much higher. In such a situation, it is important to understand the symptoms of Omicron so that it can be identified in time.

Omicron’s Special Characteristics Different From Delta Omicron Caution Is Necessary

Omicron Symptoms: The new variant of Corona, Omicron variant, has spread its feet in 90 countries so far. WHO has also put it in the category of ‘Variants of Concern’. This variant is highly contagious and spreads rapidly. The Omicron strain has more than 30 mutations in its spike protein, which were not found in any of its previous strains. Experts say that Omicron is also adept at avoiding immunity and this is the reason why it is spreading so fast. However, all Omicron cases so far have been found to have mild symptoms. WHO also says that the disease caused by this variant will be mild as compared to Delta but any kind of negligence can be heavy.

Symptoms of Omicron – In the last wave of the corona, the delta variant caused havoc. Delta’s symptoms ranged from mild to severe and the death toll was also high. Symptoms such as high fever, persistent cough, chest pain, shortness of breath and sudden drop in oxygen level were seen in Delta-infected patients. The symptoms of Omicron are somewhat different and they should not be ignored at all.

Extreme Fatigue – Like the earlier variants of Corona, Omicron can cause extreme fatigue. With tiredness and low energy, there is an urge to rest all the time. Due to this, it can be difficult to do everyday tasks. However, it is important to note that this fatigue can be due to other reasons. It would be good if you get the corona test done to know the exact reason for this.


Prick in the throat- South African doctor, Angelique Koetzie says that patients infected with Omicron are experiencing prickling instead of sore throat, which is unusual. Sore throat and prickling can be very similar. There is a burning or something like feeling in the prick of the throat, whereas the pain is more in the sore throat.

Mild fever- Fever is one of the common symptoms of COVID-19. Symptoms ranging from mild to high fever were being seen in the previous variant of Corona. According to Dr. Coetzee, Omicron patients are having mild fever which gets better on its own.

The South African Department of Health has added two new features to Omicron’s symptoms – night sweats and body aches. The first is that a person infected with Omicron sweats during the night. This night sweat is so much that it makes your clothes or bed wet, even if you are lying in a cool place. Along with this, severe pain can be felt all over the body.

Dry cough- Patients on Omicron may also have a dry cough. This is a symptom that has been seen in all the strains of corona so far. Usually, this dry cough comes along with a sore throat. According to the data available so far, only mild symptoms are felt in Omicron.

The Omicron variant does not have these symptoms – there are some symptoms that were seen in the previous variant of corona but they are not seen in patients infected with Omicron. As in this new variant, patients are neither losing the taste or aroma of the food nor are they feeling symptoms like a stuffy nose. Omicron patients do not even have very high fever. No respiratory problems are also being seen in the patients.

Why there is no respiratory problem in Omicron – In all the variants of Corona till now, the problem of breathlessness was seen but in Omicron it is not so. Puneet Musra, Professor of Community Medicine, AIIMS, says that in most cases of COVID-19, the virus starts multiplying in the lungs, causing breathing problems. But in the case of Omicron, it seems that this virus is growing in the throat. Sometimes viruses show different symptoms from their parent strains and the same is true with Omicron. Omicron is not causing any respiratory problems because it is probably not working to grow into the lungs. Because of this, the effect of Omicron on the lungs is getting less.

Expert Doctor says that since Omicron grows in the throat, it will not cause severe pneumonia. Omicron’s symptoms are milder than Delta’s, but it is 7 times more spreadable than the previous variant. This means that it can affect more people but it is less likely to cause severe symptoms, hospitalization or death.

Note: Consult your doctor if you have any similar symptoms.


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