Oscar Awards 2020: Know-How much does an Oscar trophy cost?

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The Oscar Awards have been announced. This time, films such as the film Joker, 1917 were enlivened. The film 1917 on World War 1 has received many awards. Achieving this trophy is also the dream of every film personality. But do you know how much this Oscar trophy costs and how much it costs to make it.


Oscar Trophy Cost

It costs a lot to make an Oscar trophy, but according to the academy its value is not high. You may not understand how this can happen. Let us tell you; according to the rules of the Oscars, if someone auctions their Oscar trophy, they have to give this trophy to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science before it is sent for auction. .

According to the rules, the winner cannot sell the trophy anywhere else. If a winner or his household wants to auction the trophy, it must first be given to the academy and this academy buys it for just $ 1. That is, this trophy of Oscar costs only one dollar i.e. about 70 rupees. Even if it can be bought in crores at auction.

On the other hand, if we talk about the expenses incurred in making it, then this trophy made of copper, weighing 13.5 inches and weighing 3.8 kg, is mounted with 24 carat gold layer. At the same time, it costs $ 400 to make this trophy and  the Academy produces several Oscars, which cost crores of rupees. Let me tell you that among all the Oscar nominations 2020, the film Parasites, Joker and 1917 have received many awards this time in 2020 Oscars.

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