Postpartum Depression: Why Indian mothers are victims of this Depression?

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Let us tell you today what is postpartum depression is and which women are at greater risk of it.

Holding the newborn in her hands, a young woman is walking into the house. Smiling people around her are caressing the child and celebrating the birth of the child. The husband is also very happy on this occasion but no one sees the woman’s face during this time. There is a cloud of uncertainty on her face, due to which she is not able to participate freely in the happiness around her.

What is postpartum depression?

A mother’s responsibilities increase more only after pregnancy. During this period, there are many hormonal changes in his body going on. Due to this, many women are vulnerable to postpartum depression after delivery. This post-delivery stress is also of two types, one is early depression ie baby blues and second is postpartum depression.

10 to 16 percent of women are victims

At least 80% of Indian women succumb to depression after delivery. However, it also recovers on its own after a few weeks. At the same time, 10 to 16 percent of the women who live in late postpartum depression become worse. This condition is serious because it takes 6-7 months or even years to get relief from it.

Causes of postpartum depression

Due to deficiency of thyroid gland, estrogen and progesterone hormones in the body, women are vulnerable to it. Apart from this, high blood pressure, weak immune system, changes in metabolism, sleep deprivation, stress, lack of support of family or spouse, feeling of loneliness, career anxiety, women also become victims of postpartum depression.

Symptoms of postpartum depression

. Insomnia

. Stay away from baby and husband

. Mood Swing

. Loss of appetite

. Always disappointed and sad

. Lack of interest in family

. Irritability and discomfort

. Always feeling tired

. Forget small things

. Cry out

If such symptoms are seen then it is very important to get treatment immediately.

How to get out of postpartum depression?
  • Take time for yourself along with taking care of the child.
  • Try to complete your sleep. Take a nap with the child while he sleeps.
  • Spend time with family and husband. Do not make a distance with the partner, but also make them feel responsible.
  • After pregnancy, there is weakness in the body. To complete this, eat green leafy vegetables, fruits, sprouted grains, milk, curd, cheese etc.
  • To stay fit mentally and physically, do light exercise and yoga. If you want, you can also do a morning walk.
  • Spend time in the warm sunlight in the morning. This will also relieve stress and the body will also get vitamin D.
  • Tiredness causes irritability, mental discomfort and physical weakness, so pay attention to your comfort as well.


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