Pregnant Elephant Died after Being Fed Pineapple Stuffed with Crackers in Kerala

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Thiruvananthapuram, In Kerala, an incident has come to light, which will dishearten you. Here some people fed a pregnant hungry elephant by putting firecrackers among the pineapples. These firecrackers burst into the mouth of the elephant. This led to the death of the child in her stomach along with the elephant. This inhuman incident was captured by a forest department employee on his camera. Now the photo of this incident has gone viral on social media, after which people are quite angry. There is a demand for severe punishment of the culprits.

This incident which is a shame on humanity happened in Malappuram district of Kerala. The pregnant hungry elephant came out of the forest in search of food. She wandered into the village in search of food. While, some locals mischief her and feed her with crackers in pineapple. Due to hunger, the elephant ate that pineapple and in a short time the firecrackers burst.

The injured elephant fell at the moment. Seeing this, some people informed the forest department. Rescue team arrived after they got the information, but she could not be saved. On the way, Hathini and her child both died. Seeing this scene, tears were spilled from the eyes of the Rescue team also.

Forest officer Mohan Krishnan, who was part of the rescue team, wrote in a Facebook post expressing his pain, ‘She (Hathini) trusted everyone. She got upset when she ate pineapple and after some time it burst in her stomach. Hathini must have been troubled not for herself, but for her unborn child, which she was about to give birth in the next 18 to 20 months.

Hearing what the doctors said after examining Hathini’s body, anyone’s eyes may get splashed. After examining the doctors, the firecrackers had burst in the mouth of the elephant. Because of this, the lower part of his mouth and tongue were badly burned. Due to this, she could not eat anything due to pain. The elephant was hungry for a long time, even when the child in the stomach could not find anything, he died in agony. It was a very painful death.

A top forest official said another similar female elephant was found in April in the Pathanapuram forest range area under Punalur division in Kollam district. The official said that Hathini was found in critical condition. Forest officials said that in the month of April, Hathini was found in a very serious condition in the forests of Pathanapuram. Her jaw was broken and he was unable to eat.

The forest officer said that the investigation has been started by registering an attack case. We want such people to get severe punishment. Action is taken against such people under the law of elephant hunting. However, he said that in such cases, it is difficult to carry out the investigation. Actually, elephants travel many kilometers in a day. In such a situation, it is very difficult to find out where the incident happened and who carried out it.

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