Prepare Maternity Bags 10 Days Before Delivery Date

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Being a mother is a privilege for every woman. However, as the delivery date approaches, their worries also increase. In the last month of pregnancy, the labour pan can arise at any time. You don’t remember anything when labour pain starts. At the same time, you can forget to keep the essential things taken to the hospital. In such a situation, it would be better that you prepare your maternity bag 10-12 days before the delivery date.

Let us tell you what essential things you should keep in the bag, so that you can get some help.

When should you prepare a maternity bag?

Childbirth can begin anytime in the weeks from the date the doctor says. In this case, prepare your bag at least 15 days before the delivery date. Also keep the maternity bag near the door or inside the car already.

Hospital Bag Before Delivery: List of Essential Items to Carry

Mother’s essentials

. Keep medical files and records in your maternity bag.

. Keep the toothbrush, toothpaste, lip balm, comb, hair band in the bag. Soap, shampoo and lotion can be got from the hospital but it is better that you take all these from home.

. Keep the gown, slippers and gowns to wear after delivery. Also, keep the things that make you feel relaxed.


Also keep a notepad and pan in the bag, in which you can note the time of feeding the baby. You can also write what the doctor tells you.

. Don’t forget to keep bras, nursing bras, breast pads, underwear and sanitary pads as well.

. Do not forget to keep magazines, books etc. to spend time while in hospital.

. You feel cold after delivery. Don’t forget to keep a pair of socks and a hat for such a time.

. You have menstruation after delivery. For that, keep sanitary napkins according to your comfort.

What to keep for a C-section?

  1. Loose gowns and comfortable underwear, so that stitches are not affected after the operation. 2. Keep the compression belt in the bag as well. This keeps the stitches safe and you do not have any problem in moving. Also, it reduces inflammation and supports the muscles of the back.

What to keep for your baby?

. After birth, you have to wear clothes after cleaning the baby, so keep clothes in a bag.

. A new born baby may need 10 to 12 diapers every day, so keep diapers and soft blankets in the bag.

. After feeding, keep a soft cloth or wipes to clean the baby’s mouth.

Tips to avoid corona …

Because Corona virus is spread at this time, so be careful of some things.

. Be sure to wear a mask, especially when you are having your baby in your arms or breastfeeding.

. Wash hands and face before going close to your baby.

. Keep the hands sanitizer.

. For your food, you should take some plastic or disposable utensils from your house. There is no fear of infusion.

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