President Putin Was Seen Using Windows XP Whose Last Update Was in 2014

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Moscow Russian President Vladimir Putin uses Windows XP on his official computer. Last month, the Kremlin Press released photos of Putin’s residence in Moscow, revealing it.

In the photo, he was sitting in front of a screen, with a Kremlin picture in the desktop’s background. The bottom of the screen has a blue taskbar, which shows that their computer still has Windows XP.

Microsoft launched Windows XP in 2001

Microsoft started its operating system Windows XP in 2001 and stopped supporting it from 2014. Its last security update came in 2014. In addition, an alert was also sent to its users that if someone continues to use it, then he is at risk of virus. However, Russia has imposed restrictions on foreign software in its official work and has allowed some with limited restrictions. According to media reports, this is the reason why Putin’s computer would not have been upgraded.

Russia made its software

The latest Windows 10 system is being used only on computers that do not require privacy. According to media reports, this is the reason why these new versions are not useful for Putin, as all top-secret documents are accessed as heads. The official picture states that he also uses Windows XP at a residence in a Moscow suburb with a Putin Kremlin office.

Putin stays away from technology

The 76-year-old Putin’s image is not technocratic. It is said that he doesn’t have a smartphone. In 2017, school children were told that he uses the Internet occasionally. It was also said that he is not even on Instagram. In contrast, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev uses iPhones and has an Instagram page.

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