Prevent Heat Stroke and Loose Motion by These Tips

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The scorching heat in the months of May and June makes thousands of people sick every year and takes hundreds of lives. We all know about heat and heat problems. That is why it is far better to solve the problem after it is not given an opportunity.

Here we will talk on those tips, which will be useful for you and all of us for the next two months. Because both these days heat and humidity will disturb you. During this time, heat stroke and causing loose motion are very common problems. Learn here to avoid the heat and what methods should be adopted if you have to go out in the heat…

How to go Outside?

The first thing is that as much as possible you do not get out in the sun and hot (strong hot) winds. Secondly, if you have to come out for some reason, then wear full cotton clothes. Cover the head and face with a cotton cloth.

What to Wear?

Avoid wearing skin tight and dark coloured clothes. Wear clothes of white or other light colours as much as possible. This is because dark coloured clothes absorb heat more. This causes more heat to be felt.

– Do not go out in the afternoon without wearing sunglasses (goggles). Otherwise, eye irritation, swelling and redness may occur. Along with this, come out of the house with an umbrella to avoid direct sunlight.

Right way to drink liquid

-To avoid the effects of blood, the right way to drink liquid is to drink lemonade, buttermilk, lassi or vine syrup before leaving the house. So that the stomach remains cool and there is no lack of water in the body due to heat.

– Do not drink very cold water immediately after coming out. This may cause a cold, a sore throat, or even a fever. So, after coming from outside, give your body at least 10 minutes time and sit comfortably in the shade inside the house. After this you can drink cold.

Bathroom and AC access

– Do not sit in AC or cooler immediately after entering the house through fast heat. Rather dry the sweat in the ceiling fan. When your breath is normal and you can feel the normal temperature, then only go to AC or cooler.

– One should never wash face nor go for bath immediately after coming out. Doing so can cause winter-summer. You may also have high fever. People with weak immunity may have paralysis attack at such times. So do not make such a mistake.

Always carry a water bottle

In the hot weather, you go out at sunny times or in the morning and evening. You must have a water bottle. Along with this, keep the glucose powder in your bag or purse and if there is a Weakness on the way, then use it by mixing it with water. If you want, you can take it from home by mixing it with water. It can be taken even in the condition of stomach healing and if stomach upset, it benefits.

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