Rainy Season: These 8 Superfoods Will Increase Children’s Immunity

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Superfoods to increase children’s immunity

Mother’s milk and dairy products – Mother’s milk is the most effective way to increase the immune system in the child. Mother’s milk contains an element called cholesterol, which strengthens the child’s immune system and protects it from many serious diseases throughout life. Mother’s milk contains all types of proteins, sugar, and fats, which keep the baby healthy. At the same time, breast milk also contains antibodies and white blood cells, which increase the immunity of the child. If the child is above the age of three years, it is not possible to breastfeed the mother in most cases, in which case dairy products can also be a great option for you. You can give milk, milkshake, smoothie, yogurt to the child. This also strengthens the immune system. Give him a glass of milk regularly. [Must read – children should get used to drinking milk from the beginning.

Curd – Eating curd also strengthens the child’s immune system. Yogurt contains probiotics. Probiotics contain all the good bacteria that the body needs and they do not allow bad bacteria to enter the body. However, avoid giving yogurt at night.

Protein-rich diet – If you want the immunity of the child to be strong, then you should take the protein-rich diet as much as possible. Proteins form antibodies, which are essential for the body’s immune system. Pulses, eggs, meat, soy, fish, and meat, etc., contain abundant amounts of protein.

Mushrooms – Mushrooms contain vitamin-D and antioxidants in abundance. Both of these are quite useful in strengthening the immune system. In such a situation, it is important that you make the child eat mushrooms. You can also give it with different vegetables.

Brokli – Be sure to include broccoli in your child’s diet. Broccoli contains antioxidant elements called vitamin-A, vitamin-C, and glutathione, which strengthens the immune system. If the child refuses to eat it, then mix the steamed broccoli with a little pan and prepare the salad and let it eat. Not only this, there is also a lot of protein and calcium in it.

Garlic – Garlic is often used in different vegetables in every household. Perhaps you would not know that garlic plays an important role in keeping children as well as adults healthy. According to experts, the anti-bacterial and antioxidant properties in its help in fighting many bacteria and microbes. Apart from this, an element called allicin also protects us from infections and bacteria and increases immunity. Know here: – What are the benefits of garlic for children.

Dry Fruits (Dry Nuts) – If you want to increase the immunity system of the child, then feed him dry fruits regularly. Actually, they contain a lot of vitamins and minerals (niacin, vitamin-E, riboflavin, etc.), which keep the body healthy and increase immunity. Dry fruit is the most useful almond. It increases B type cells in the body. These cells produce antibodies.

Vitamin-C rich diet – Vitamin-C is also known as ascorbic acid. It is necessary for the development and repair of body tissues. Apart from this, it also increases immunity. In this case, make sure your child takes it. Berries, cherries, peaches, and guava are the only diet containing vitamin-C.

 Turmeric – Turmeric contains anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, protein, vitamin-C, vitamin-K, calcium, copper, iron, and zinc, which are helpful in increasing immunity in the body. Drink turmeric in milk before going to bed at night.

Whole Grains – Whole grains contain Vitamin-A, Vitamin-B2, Vitamin-B6, Vitamin-C, Zinc, Selenium, and Essential Fatty Acids. This also strengthens the immune system. In such a situation, give these to children.

 Oats – Cholesterol decreases by eating oats. The fiber called betagluocaine in it strengthens the lining inside the stomach, which also strengthens the immune system. 

Spinach – Spinach contains an element called folate, which creates new cells in the body as well as protects the DNA present in them. The fiber iron antioxidant elements and vitamin C present in spinach keep the body healthy in every way. It does not allow immunity to be weakened.

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