Skin Care Tips: Side Effects of overly using Moisturizing in Winters

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We often think that if it is winter then apply a lot of moisturizer on your dry screen. But do you know that using it too much is not good for your skin? Let us know why over-moisturizing can have side-effects.

Overusing face moisturizer in winters know its side effects on skin

Winters have arrived and our skin dryness is also increasing. We use cream-lotion and moisturizer to moisturize our skin. Many people start using moisturizer more thinking that it will make their skin shiny and beautiful, but it is not so.

Winter or summer, you should limit the use of moisturizer. Excessive use of it causes the skin pores to close and the skin to become sticky. Not only this, but not only the face but also the body comes out. Over-moisturizing reduces the natural beauty of your face. Now let’s know why over-moisturizing is wrong and what time of day we should use it.

Over-moisturizing side-effects

People use moisturizer to maintain glow in their skin, but over-moisturizing makes your face glow, and makes your skin sticky. Overuse of moisturizer closes the pores and causes pimples on your face.

Do you know the right way to apply moisturizer?

The moisturizer formula is very thick and its use increases facial moisture and at the same time spots starts appearing on your face. If you use it in the right amount, it will keep your skin soft and soft as the skin dulls in winter.

  • What is the right way to apply moisturizer?
  • Take a pea-sized amount on your palm and heat it in your hands.
  • Apply moisturizer on the cheeks and apply it on the entire face including the forehead.
  • Stroke should be given on the neck, especially on light hands.

When to apply moisturizer?

You should apply moisturizer on your slightly wet skin after a morning bath or after washing your face. After this, you should apply moisturizer once before sleeping at night, as it will moisturize your skin and make it soft.

If your skin is dehydrated, then you should apply it well according to your skin. And if your skin is oily, it should be used with caution.

How to avoid too moisturizing?

Apart from these things, you must remove dead skin once a week so that your skin’s pores open and the moisturizer can be properly absorbed. If you do this then surely all your skin troubles can disappear in a pinch.

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