Sonu Sood Fitness Tips are Simply Wow

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Sonu Sood is being talked about a lot these days everywhere from the internet world as he has pledged to take the migrant trapped in Mumbai to their homes. The actor, who is being hailed as a hero for all the relief work has a special identity in Bollywood not only with generosity but also regarding his fitness. Actor Sonu Sood also does 5 such things to keep himself fit, which you must also know about.

Sonu Sood, who has become the savior of the workers in lockdown, doing this to keep himself fit. You were already aware of the name of Sood but after the generosity, he showed in lockdown, he left behind many Bollywood stars and politicians. Sonu Sood has so far arranged buses to transport more than 12 thousand workers to their homes. While migrant laborers from other states stranded in Maharashtra are safely reaching their homes and offering prayers to this actor, many people are saluting them at their generosity.

Meanwhile, Sonu Sood is also taking care of his fitness. Here you will be told about five such things about Sonu Sood’s fitness, which he regularly follows.

Strict on Diet

Talking about his fitness, Sonu Sood once said during a television interview that is very strict on his diet to keep himself fit. He always pays attention to his deficiencies and eats the food items necessary to maintain his body fitness. So, if you want a body like Sonu Sood, then make a habit of eating food regularly and on schedule.

Regular Exercise

Sonu Sood is often seen taking off his shirt during the award show. He has done this many times on the demand of the audience. The secret of this fitness of his body is that Sonu Sood exercises regularly. Not only this, Sonu Sood has continued exercise at the home gym even during the lockdown. Exercising regularly is also very important to stay fit. If you are negligent in it negatively affects your body.

Use of Proteins Sometimes

While giving an interview about this, Sonu Sood said that many people think that protein intake causes harm to the body, but there are some good and herbal proteins present in the market today that help in bodybuilding. Therefore, people who want to maintain their fitness can also resort to good protein. However, be sure to consult a dietician or doctor before consuming any protein.

1 Hour Daily Gym

Sonu Sood says that to get the best fitness, it is very important to do the gym for 1 hour daily. During this time, you can do that which will play a big role in maintaining body fitness. However, apart from going to the gym, he also suggested to pay special attention to food and drink. He said that after doing 1 hour of the gym, let your body rest for 23 hours and eat good foods during this time so that your fitness is not affected.

Never tasted nonveg

Many people believe that eating non-veg foods is very important for bodybuilding, but Sonu Sood completely denies this. Giving information about this, Sonu Sood says that he has never tasted non-veg food in his life. While stating the secret of his fitness, Sood had said that he has kept himself so much by following only vegetarian food and the right diet plan. So, it is not necessary that you will be able to build your body only after eating non-veg food, but it is also possible with a vegetarian diet.

 Sonu Sood Diet Plan

  • Sonu is a vegetarian but eat eggs and his diet contains plenty of proteins from grains and lentils.
  • Sonu is morning diet contains fruits or wheat flakes or muesli with fresh fruit juice.
  • Sonu likes omlet made from 8 egg whites in breakfast
  • Sonu is lunch includes Dal, roti, subzi and a bowl of curd for lunch.
  • Sonu likes Brown bread sandwich for evening snack.
  • Sonu dinner generally contains soups, salads, vegetables and chapatis.
  • Sonu takes his protein shake after workout with salad and sprouts.
  • He never drinks or smoke

Sonu Sood Workout Plan

Sonu Sood is a fitness freak and doing a workout in the gym every day for 1-2 hours. He keeps changing his exercises every week. Sonu Sood’s workout routine mostly includes:

  • 20 minutes of cardio exercises.
  • Stretches to cool down the body.
  • Work out for abs for 20 minutes
  • Weight training.
  • Walk for 40 minutes.
  • Apart from these when he can’t find a gym he runs or goes for long walks. He also practices kickboxing for 15-20 minutes every couple of months.

Sonu Sood Workout Tips

  • There is no shortcut to fitness, so you need to maintain a strict command over your habits to have a good body.
  • Don’t get much stressed about anything.
  • Laugh and have fun in your life, it will make your body feel and look happier and relax.
  • Have adequate sleep.

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